Player Information

  • Name – Xma
  • Rank – Officer

Official Officer Biography:

Xma joined the faction in DovahCube days, and has contributed to the faction greatly, even though she sometimes fails to see that. She has a unique sense of humour and creates detailed, stunning builds that never fail to impress the faction. Xma loves to get on people’s nerves, but will support the faction no matter what.
Overall, she is an asset to the faction and is highly appreciated. We hope that she continues to work with us through our future and beyond.

Personal autobiography: 

Xma is love, Xma is life. I am the coolest member of Dovahkiin! Everyone loves me.

How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real

– Jayden Smith. R.I.P. 1987-1986

Vote for me and I promise there will be no wolverines in Dovahkiin. I will not only push you down, but I will also kick you! Vote for me!

– Xma, 1946, Presidential Election

Special Requests:


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