Player Information:

  • Name – Undante
  • Rank – Member+

Personal autobiography: 

In my early days on the server before the world Ceardia I drifted through faction to faction. One of these factions I stayed in until it was disbanded was Stormblade. The owner of the faction was extra_epic. After a while of searching for a faction a friend, skullboy950, told me of Dovahkiin and that his friend on the server, Strider6106, was the leader of the faction. I asked Strider if I could join he invited me. I was helping everyone I  could around Dovahkiin from doing alchemy with Extra_Epic or redstone with Moomius. At the time they were moving to a new location and they were recruiting, so I asked my friend, gnmedestoy, if he wanted to join and he agreed so strider added him. Gnmedestoy and I mined quite a bit at the time. Ceardia was then added and it had been 4 or 6 months from when Stormblade was disbanded so Gnmedestoy and I tried alchemy. Extra_Epic wasn’t a common member at the time, so I became the alchemy master for 2 months. I was very active and made potions a lot! Then extra_epic asked if I would like to see Stormblade as a faction again and I said yes but I started to get busy in real life so Stormblade ended up forgetting me. I then left and was inactive for 8 months late December 2014. I’ve since become active again in Dovahkiin and have been working hard ever since.

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