Town Regulations

You may, with our approval, create your own town, which by our definition is:

A group of buildings governed over one name, following the same styled buildings (with one ruler/a democracy)

As a town, you must follow these rules.

House Purchases and Rent:

  • You can sell houses that you have built yourself, or with someone else, but you require the consent to sell it.
  • You can charge a one time fee for buying a house, but the price must only be, at most, 200% of what the materials cost.
  • You can rent out houses/apartments for a weekly sum of money, which we recommend to be 10r per week for an average sized house.
  • You can kick out someone for not paying rent for 2 weeks without prior notification.

Mayor and Control:

  • Each town must have a mayor. A mayor is a person who has the final say in matters related to the town. For example, a mayor has the right to decline/approve new developments in their town.
  • A mayor rents their land from Dovahkiin (without a fee), and no one can build on said land unless they get prior permissions from the mayor.
  • A town must follow Dovahkiin Rules and any breach will cause a warning on whoever broke said rules.
  • A mayor can set up simple rules that govern the type of building/development that goes in their town. However, they may not set out new rules that would cause exploitation of any player.
  • If town rules are found to be exploiting players, the town will receive a warning.


  • If a mayor decides to disband a town, they must give 2 weeks notice to everyone.
  • When a town disbands, all houses that are unoccupied belong to the person who built them, and all houses that are bought/owned remain in the ownership of the said person living in them
  • If a town disbands and you are renting from them, your lease will continue for up to 2 weeks before you are required to leave.
  • If a town receives 3 warnings at once, it will be put under suspension, and investigated. If the matter is serious, the town will be disbanded.
  • Any public spaces such as fountains and paths will become property of Dovahkiin, and can be edited in any way.

Land and Development:

  • Your land must be approved by an officer, and cannot be on the first island.
  • After approval, any other expansions on the town require further officer inspection.

Any failure to comply with these regulations will cause a warning to be put on your town’s record. To prove to us that you have read this article, please tell an officer DovahTown to get approval.


Written up by Moomius on the 31/12/14 – 11/3/16 – Guidelines discussed with members and Wolfoftao.

This document is approved by Strider.



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