TO DO List

Dovahkiin is undergoing major changes and improvements.

In the following areas:

1. Winterhold

a. Houses being built by Ebjd573. Making room for low level faction members.

b. Officers given homes in the castle. Common room with all facilities. Portal to external facilities. Skydome.

c. Lower City. Town Street needs to be built, South to North. To the East, street parallel to main street but for Embassys.

East behind that is the Great Wall, a fort of a wall to defend against Winterhold. To the West, Farming District/Community.

Aesthetic District as well as homes and farming functionality. Harbour to the North.

d. Portal  Room needs to be built. Location to be determined.

e. Meeting Hall, also serves as court, and counsel room.

f. Jail, Obsidian Punishment Room. Design needs to be retrieved from Dovahkiin City.

g. Treasury, Price Check Service must be established, new room to be built for this. Main items price status board must be set up.

Item exchange must be set up. Tax system must be set up.

2. Darkroom

a. Forward section of 5 block height must be completed, left and right.

b. Back section will continue at 2 block height.

c. Farm for suggar cane must be completed. Wheat converted into mushroom farm, ideal location and mushrooms will sell for more.

d. Glowstone gathered and placed as farm lighting.

e. Opposite crop farms, other side of trade house, animal farm must be built. Penns for each animal. Claimed and privated for officers only.

f. Farm must be entirely claimed, so no grief and so no mobs spawn where there is no light for mushrooms.

3. Kelmoria

a. Main Base of Operations must be set up.

i. Wall around town area must be erected.

ii. Another ring of land must be claimed.

iii. Center town hall built into the center of the fort building must be constructed. Hire a builder?

iv. Market place for external factions to utilise.

v. Market place for faction members.

vi. Ore Repository. Storage building for all resources gathered.

vii. Rp buildings. Blacksmith, Armoury, Craftsman, Brewery, Academy of Arcane Arts (Point b.), Fresh Goods(food), Tavern/Hotel, Barracks.

Operators for each of these buildings/businesses must be found.

iix. Houses must be built. Watch Towers must be built.

b. Academy of Arcane Arts. A small academy that moved to Kelmoria hoping to find business amongst the large number of explorers.

The Academy only has a small building, it has the fascilities, and homes for the Academy members.

The Academy makes business in the enchanting business, the Arcane Arts. They may not be strong warriors, but they use their magic to compensate.

A small group, enchant weapons as if putting magic spells on them. Title weapons and items too. They need a way of getting xp quick.

Perhaps for xp they are supplied with Iron ore from the Ore Repositary. They have struck a deal with the leadership in the Establishement.

The iron ore is smealted for xp.

c. Independant Mining Towns.

This is where a faction member can choose to make and rule their own mining town in Kelmoria.

They can recruit members for themselves straight to their town. They take on the responsibility of looking after them though.

The town must be built by them and there are many requirements for making your own town.

Leader of the town will be called a ‘Jarl’.

The requirements:

i. The town must be constructed and coordinated by the ‘Jarl’, it must not be a burden on the rest of the faction.

ii. Construction must follow a set theme and must be aesthetically worthy of Dovahkiin. (Not a cobble shack).

iii. A rail road, or walking road, or canal, must be constructed from the town to the Dovahkiin Main Base. The travel route between the towns.

iv. The town must pay taxes/royalties to the Dovahkiin Main Base. This is in the form of the Ore the town recovers from its mining operations.

Majority of the Ore must be sent to the Dovahkiin Main Base. The portion that the Town keeps will be free for them to use/sell.

The reason for majority of the Ore being sent to Dovahkiin Main Base is because while the town may be Independant, the occupants are still

members of Dovahkiin and utilise the things Dovahkiin operates and has to offer, everything outside of Kelmoria. Kelmoria we are using as

a special opportunity to embrace Rp and increase Dovahkiins worth/wealth at the same time, Kelmoria is not the new Dovahkiin entirely.

Occupants of the mining town will most likely have a house in Winterhold too, and use the faction mines, darkrooms, citys, etc.

By taking away majority of the towns Ore we are also fostering the “Difficult Life Situation” Role-Play. Where the town starts off in a poor state

and must work its way to ‘the good life’. It also provides more of a challenge which keeps people engaged and makes thing more interesting.

4. Imperial City

a. Quartz on the external of the White-Gold Tower must be completed.

b. Path, Path Rimming, Garden/Graveyard, and Inner Wall must be completed.

c. Interior of the White-Gold Tower must be complete. Hire builder?

d. Base for City Districts and walls must be laid. Pillar supports must go under this.

The edge of this base must taper down into the normal ground level. This hill down must be terraformed and crafted to be dynamic and interesting.

e. City Floor Plan Layout must be laid. Basic features such as streets, ponds, plazzas, statues must be put in.

f. Outter Wall must be put in.

g. Then construction of all buildings within districts will commence! Big project, will take a long time.

h. Claim entire city.

i. Harbour? Jail?(Nah) Arcane University?(Nah)

5. Dovahkiin Fort

a. Top floor must be built.

b. Rooms must be equipt/prepared.

c. Travel portals or doors through the fort must be set up.

d. Fort must be equipt with utilities and items. “Stock Chests”

e. Opponent base must be set up.

f. Floating leaves must be cleared. Terrain must be leveled.

g. Dispensers must be set up and stocked.

h. Traps must be constructed. Front gate trap. Kamakazie Traps.

i. Lever activated traps which target kill certain areas(floor drops out, lava spawns, arrows fly, tnt).


a. Get people involved and interested.

b. Give appropriate people access. Write templates for weekly reports form different areas of the faction.

c. Finish all pages and begin profiles/blogs.

d. Create Surveys and Polls.


Upcoming Changes:

1. New faction home.

2. Collective faction sales for faction bank.

a. Items provided by anyone, and anyone can take the item and sell it. The profits go to the faction bank.



1. New mandatory player /homes.

2. Apprentices.

3. New strict class structure Rp.

4. Winterhold sub towns.

5. Kelmoria Independant mining towns.

6. Voice Meeting Place.

7. Colours in player titles.

8. Markath

9. College of Winterhold again?

10. Dovahkiin Quests.

11. Dovahkiin Interactive Introduction for new members.

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