Dear Strider,

You have one of the oldest factions on the server – and yet you’re inactive as ever. You have a dedicated team of officers who just want simple things – you know, permissions – and yet you’re inactive as ever. Why should I, we, stay a part of Dovahkiin when we could create a new faction where we can actually get tasks done without having to wait for you to come on. We pay for your faction and we suffer under your faction. You do not contribute to our faction and you do not pay for our faction. Dovahkiin, at this point, is ours, not yours.

And yet your refusal to do anything about our simple requests – you know, coming on every couple days for 15 minutes (not that hard!) – when we spend at least an hour every day to help sustain and grow this faction. As you yourself said on this very website, “The role of officer comes with great responsibility. Officers must spend as much of their time as they can on improving and managing people and the faction.” Before you say that you’re incredibly busy, I don’t believe for a second that you can’t spend 10 minutes every couple of days on the faction. I really don’t – and neither do our members.

You’ve become the punchline of many jokes throughout the server, all because of your absence. You don’t even want to play anymore. Why do you come on? To stock your check your shop? To check your balance? To try and encourage you to come on more (because you need encouragement to play a game. Really shows dedication – huh!)?  I don’t know Strider, and I’m not even sure that you know. It seems ridiculous that you want to care about a thing that is dying – and yet you are incredibly inactive all the time, to the point where many of us want to flat out leave.

This is your doing Strider – not ours. We want to enjoy ourselves more than we do in Dovahkiin, and 4 years of dedication to a cause that is shrivelling is discouraging. Perhaps you think you can run away from our concerns, or perhaps you think that ignoring us is the best way to get stuff done. Your appearances have started to become more “mystic” as you refer to them, but it’s simply negligence of the faction that you have spent years raising – that we have spent years raising.

Remember the Dovahkiin Rebellion, Strider? Perhaps I understand why now. Perhaps I understand why people weren’t happy with your leadership. Perhaps I know why such desperate action was taken, and, unlike them, I understand the outcome. You will do nothing because you wish to remain leader – to imprison the faction from something that you want to keep alive so desperately but you wish to starve at the same time. Dovahkiin is a dog – and while you think you love it, and you can think about how much you love it for as long as you want, it will die if you don’t give it food, no matter how hard you wish for it to not happen. I just don’t think you’re even putting in the thought.

I’m sick of pouring my effort into this faction to no avail. I want to be heard, not ignored. Personally – I think it’s time that you step down and hand the leadership to someone who is more capable. If that means you stop funding this website, so be it. There’s nothing else you can’t stop funding though. You are one of the richest people on the server, and yet you never deposit anything into the faction bank to help pay for taxes. Our faction funds the tax – not you. All you do is sit on your metaphorical throne in the fort you never finished and impose rules and restrictions upon those who actually care about the faction; so much so, in fact, that we feed it!

Oh, and the sale of Ossien, you know, that big island nation that all of the faction spent a year building? You pocketed the cash – right? Nothing into faction bank? That’s capitalism at its finest. It seems as though you feed off Dovahkiin and don’t give back to it. What sacrafices have you made for our faction in the last 3 months Strider?

You’ve missed events and you’ve missed birthdays. We have new recruits who have no idea who you are, and yet you continue to make excuses such as “1 and a half weeks isn’t that long!!!!” I’m sick of it, and we’re sick of it. You’re not helping this cause. Azura, Lily, Rainbow, Findarato and others can simply move factions and leave you behind – and it won’t be anyone’s fault apart from yours. This will be of your doing – Strider – not ours.

What have you done in the last month – heck, the last 3 months – that has actually helped the faction (apart from your fort – because no one wants your god damn forts)? Nothing, that’s what. And like a loyal dog, we sit at the door, waiting for you to come home, but you’re too busy to think about this dog; the dog that wants you to be around and wants to play and wants to get stuff done.

Have you seen our new district’s improvements? Do you ever stop to think “Oh – it’d be nice to check in with those guys and see what they want because they play more than I do.”

Promotion of new officers, setting permissions based on the times (because a week and a half to three weeks wait isn’t good enough) and more would be so much more achievable if you would just step down from the wheel of the ship and just give it to someone else. It’s time to step down from the helm, or just pay more attention to the iceberg ahead of you.

Over a thousand words to say one thing: Dovahkiin is dying – and you’re not helping it. You have people who care, Strider. Why don’t you?

I don’t doubt that you enjoy the members of Dovahkiin – and I’m sure that you’d be incredibly sad if we all left, but it seems as though it may have to come to that if you don’t step up and take action soon.

So Dear Strider,

We’ve had enough.