Raid Protocol

Gaining Intelligence
In the event of getting any evidence that a raider is in the premises of our cities, through either faction members, or site, we must confirm before we put Dovahkiin into lockdown. In the case that we are certain that there is a raider, we follow the Alert Protocol.

Alert Protocol
When there is more than one officer on, one officer will activate the lockdown system and the other will follow the steps listed below.
When there are only members on, we expect the person who saw the raider to delegate positions to other members.

  1. Read out the speech listed below every 5 minutes, until it is confirmed that the raider has left.
  2. Make sure everyone is indoors and safe.
  3. If possible, go out and provide updates.


There is a raider in the area of Dovahkiin.
Do not leave your house
Do not communicate with the raider
Do not fight the raider
Do not antagonise the raider
Please make your way to a safe place if you are outside.

Communication with the raider

No members are to have any communication with the raider. Only officers are permitted to make diplomatic discussions between the attacking party and ourselves. If there are no officers online, we expect that a member will try to maintain peaceful contact with the raiders.

Concluding the raid

When it is confirmed that a raider has left, the first step is to say “All Clear.” However,  for the next 10 minutes, we recommend that people stay near shelter and try to stay concealed, as a raider could still be present.


Written by Moomius. Last updated 12/3/16

This document has been approved by Strider.


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