Past Officers

Dovahkiin has had several officers through our various ranks. Unfortunately, some of them could not stay with us. This page is in remembrance of these great people who have earned their titles.

  • Hougi124
  • HP2563
  • Wizered67
  • Sabaton007
  • Ilikefooddude
  • Doofus
  • Skullboy390:
  • Epicgamer553
  • Klopso
  • 123climber
  • tink55
  • meapgirl

Hougi was Dovahkiins first Officer, he was also Dovahkiins first member. He joined just the day after Strider created Dovahkiin, he offered Strider a home and He lived with Hougi for his first few days. Hougi can be considered a founder of Dovahkiin, though unfortunately he did not stay with Dovahkiin long. He preferred to live a life of Solitude and so he departed. Hougi played a valuable part in Dovahkiins formation, his friendship and kindness helped create the base of Dovahkiin, from which we grew. Hougi currently does not play on the server.

HP joined Dovahkiin not long after Hougi, only a day or two later. He too helped construct Dovahkiins foundation and build the faction over time. He was known as ‘Prince HP’ as he was the secondary leader after King Strider. He was given this title once Hougi was going to depart. HP worked hard to make the Original Dovahkiin City flourish, his dedication inspired the faction and he significantly contributed to forming the values we have today in Dovahkiin. HP became busy with life and did not play on the server for a long period of time, though every now and then he still jumps on to see how things are going.

Skullboy390 first joined Dovahkiin when the server map was reset. Aloria, the first world, was replaced with Ceardia and Dovahkiin was left city-less and many of it’s members were lost or became inactive.



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