Here you can find all kinds of jobs that are available within the faction!
Just scroll down, have a look through the list of jobs and see if any interest you!
Jobs come from the faction members and are an easy way to earn money or materials!
If you want a job put up here just mail strider6106 in-game! 😀

Enchanted Armour –strider6106
I am after sets of Protection 1 enchanted Diamond Armour!
Paying: 4s per set, I will give you the diamonds.

Enchanted Books –strider6106
I am after enchanted books with Sharpness 1 or Protection 1 enchantments on them.
These enchantments can be achieved with a lvl 1 enchant.
If you have other enchants on books for sale, contact me. I may buy them. 😀
Paying: 1s per enchanted book.

God Shovels – operationguard
I am in need of several GOD SHOVELS that have a mixture of the following enchantments…

Unbreaking I-II-III
Efficiency III-IV-V

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