MooTech: Outline

This document will outline the purposes, operations and other ideas about MooTech, and what we do within Dovahkiin as an entity. Throughout this document we’ll  explain why we’re here, and why we’re a valuable community resource.


MooTech, as an entity, serves an important purpose within Dovahkiin. We are about teaching the masses skills that are useful not only in game, but in real life as redstone translates nicely to real life logic gates and circuit boards. Said simply, we want to spread the knowledge of logic, not only in redstone, but in real life to everyone, easy, and simply.

We are also a part of MooGroup, which services the faction with many important infrastructure related services.


At the time of this document’s creation, MooTech has five operations:

  • To create technology to benefit the faction, as a whole
  • To teach the masses how to create circuits that work in game
  • Allowing recruits to show off their talents and giving them something to aspire towards inside the faction
  • To teach people how Minecraft is a great learning tool that can translate easily to real life.
  • To provide easy to use services to Dovahkiin.


I, myself, love redstone. Not only that, but I love computers and find a fascination in how electronics work. Redstone as a whole has helped me translate things that I can touch in game to things that I can build outside of game. This, in my opinion, is a very important skill. Not only that, but I love helping people, and I love creating clever gadgets to help Dovahkiin as a whole.

So, I set up MooTech as a way to create a brand for easily accessible redstone gadgets. I realised people who don’t have knowledge also want to build redstone devices, but don’t have the skills! We are important to the faction as a learning resource, as well as a service.

The Future:

We want to teach the faction! We want to feed that fascination in everyone about the curiosity of electronics, and create active members that can apply themselves to tasks around the faction. We wish to at least teach everyone in the faction one course in redstone, no matter what it is, just to see if they like it. We want everyone to learn and apply themselves, and help the faction as a whole.

– Moomius, CEO & Founder of MooTech


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