Jobs through Connect

Connect is the faction’s job manager. These jobs are simply ‘guidelines’ and you’re not forced to do any work. Instead, these are just suggestions for the faction if we ever needed work done.

This page will feature more information in the future. Please contact an officer for an informational booklet (if you’ve lost yours.)

Available Jobs:
Recently Opened Jobs

  • Baker

Standard Jobs

  • Alchemist
  • Fisher
  • Lumberjacks
  • Engineer (Redstoner)
  • Builder
  • Designer (Interior Designer)
  • Guards
  • Miners
  • Excavators
  • Baker
  • Helper*
  • Soldiers**
  • Contractors***

* Helpers must be level 4 and above. Conditions apply. Please inquire with an officer about this position

** Soldiers will be placed in the GUARD program, separate from MooGroup Connect. Please inquire with an officer about this position.

*** Contractors are people who are outsourced to do jobs for guilds and other groups throughout the faction. While MooGroup Connect will not pay you for these jobs directly, you will receive pay by said group/guild. MooGroup will, however, regulate these jobs to make sure they are fair. Please inquire with an officer about this position or to hire contractors for your own job.