Faction Rules

Dovahkiin Rules:
Last Updated on the 1/10/16 by Moomius
If you are unsure of a rule, please consult an officer

1. No Faction Griefing – If you are caught griefing in the faction, you will be kicked from Dovahkiin and reported to admins for further investigation.

2. No Faction Stealing – If you are caught stealing within the faction you will be kicked and named an enemy of the faction.

3. No Politics in Faction Chat – These discussions usually result in a fight in faction chat. If you must – please discuss your views (in a civil way) through private chat (/msg)

4. Respect & Obey rank 7+ – Obey the king and officers, and stay loyal to Dovahkiin. These players have worked incredibly hard and make the faction run as smoothly as it does. Treat them with your utmost respect.

5. Respect Everyone – Everyone deserves to have a good time in Dovahkiin. Be nice, and respect each other.

6. Use a suitable building style – We love great builders who can produce stunning results, however, you must build to the style of the buildings around you (this means no wooden boxes!)

If you break these rules we will take action against you. Your buildings may be removed, you may be kicked, you may have to serve time in Jail, or you may be banned from the server.
These are easy rules to follow so please do so.



  1. Put it this way. I don’t know anyone older, there aren’t even any admin factions older than ours. There are factions that were made a little before Dovahkiin, but they have disbanded several times and the current ones of them are simply remakes, like Pristina.

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