Ebjd573 (Nihilus)

Player Information

  • Name – Ebjd573
  • Nickname – Nihilus
  • Rank – Officer (Inactive)

Official Officer Biography:

Nihilus, the Head Blacksmith, describes himself as a lazy and boring worker, but in reality is anything but. He stands out as a loyal and valuable member of Dovahkiin who strives to reach his best. He wishes to be rich both in MassiveCraft and real life. He is working tirelessly at The Cube and is achieving great results, as well as an interesting tiered system of power and wealth. He looks up to Strider, our mighty king, for inspiration and values Moomius as one of his closest allies. His favorite complete project he has worked on is Cafe Moo. He will use his brain rather than use brute force and does not associate himself with conflict.
Overall, he is a force to be reckoned with and is at the same time friendly. He is highly valued as an officer who contributes to the faction daily.


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