Ceardia Past!

Ceardia, the home of Dovahkiin for many ages is not a barren land devoid of life and resources. It holds many memories and grand constructions and ruins though we must move on and progress through the ages.
The land Ceardia will be written into the History books of Dovahkiin, but now we are cutting off transport back to the land. Say your final farewells and pack up. We move to the new lands, to find new glory and riches. Perhaps in a new land we will have a better start at returning to our former glory, the quest upon which we never waver. Dovahkiins traditions may change, the way we think, do, see, and act may change, but we will still seek that honourable glory and good moral values.
Together we move into the new lands, let us accept the challenges and see what we can make of them!
Dovahkiin Shall Conquer!!!!!!!!!

Dovahkiin Moving Forward



With the removal of Ceardia quickly approaching Dovahkiin has much to do! Currently the officers of Dovahkiin are working hard to prepare the faction for the move to Ellador, one of the new worlds. It is also great to see faction members active and online, one of my goals for the new Dovahkiin in Ellador is to make the faction more interactive! I can’t reveal much yet, though if you would like to help with the preparation for the move and with establishing Dovahkiin’s new home, please mail me and tell me how much time you have and what you can and can’t do(build, recruit, lead, make money, supplies).
Thank you to those who have been helping with projects and get a move on to those who do have a project and aren’t near completion 😛 time is running short.
I am also going to try and introduce a few new things into Dovahkiin over the next few days-weeks, so stay tuned and PLEASE tell, no, FORCE more people to visit the website, new members in particular!

Do YOU have a home?

Dovahkiin has been moving to its new City Winterhold for a while now, though not everyone has a house yet. :I
If you do not yet have a house there please contact me ingame while I am online so I can find you a lovely home to settle into! 😀

If you are a rather inactive member you may instead be given a hotel room.
People can also move into shops in the city as their homes. An example is scout1423, who lives in the Blacksmith because that is his profession.
If you can also help with any building in the new city please let me know! There is much to be done!

Welcome to Winterhold! 🙂