Midsummer’s Update

Hi there!

We’re happy to announce that our midsummer’s festival will be starting on Thursday the 14th, 2016 at 4PM (GST +10/AEST). We’ll be putting a timer on the side of the website.

If you can’t make it on time, don’t fret! We will be having many different races and events throughout the week, including ally invitations. We’ll officially post race times closer to the date! 🙂


Mid-Summer’s Festival


Welcome to our new recruits! We’re glad you’re here. As many of you know, we hold a large amount of events for special times of the year, from Easter to Christmas and New Years. This time, however, we’re trying something different.

Get your sunflowers out and ready to shine because there’s a massive amount of light about the hit the faction. The Mid-Summer’s Festival will include amazing events, great prizes and more firework shows – all bright and in summer’s colours! We at MooGroup Events (AKA Dovahkiin Events) are looking forward to planning this fun event for everyone. We’ll update you with more information when we have more information.


– Moo & MooGroup Events

How’s it goin’?

I dunno if I’m still even meant to be able to post on here, but I’d like to say some stuff. .-.

1. I’m back. Yay. We’ve all heard that before, right? Several times. But, hey. I’d rather spent my time helping make Dovahkiin as great as it was in the Ceardian days and hang about with you lot than do what I was doin’ before.

2. Apologies are probably needed for having neglected you guys for a long time now in pursuit of Roleplay stuff in Regalia. Looking back it seems like I completely abandoned you guys without keeping in proper contact, which I shouldn’t have done. So, here I am.

3. Thanks to you guys (well, Mark) for lettin’ me rejoin. Excited to work with y’all again, and looking forward to the future.

Soppy post = Over.




It has come to my attention that people have been taking sand from the shorelines. This is a BIG no no. No sand is to be taken from the shorelines, as I have been fixing up the damages each time, which has taken around 2 hours of my time all together, which I could have been spending doing something more productive. I’ve included a roughly drawn map of the zones where sand is not to be dug from.

Sand Restriction Area

The sand restriction area for Ossien on the 22/12. Anyone found digging sand from this area will be issued a formal caution.

Any digging of the sand will result in an formal caution, before a warning that will stay on your name for a week. Repeated offences will lead to higher punishment.

Thank you for your co-operation,

– Moo.

Christmas Event


I’m very excited to announce that on the 18th of December, 2014 (AEST GMT+10) at around 7pm, we’ll be kicking off our event. @strider6106 will be starting off the firework show before everyone can open their Secret Santas!

Below is the timetable for our Christmas event:

  • approx 7pm: @strider6106 will kick off the first of the two firework shows
  • Afterwards, opening of the presents shall commence
  • Photos with Santa will be taken.
  • (24th of December, approx 7pm): @moomius will kick off the second firework show for the people who missed the first

We are very excited as this is the first Christmas event in our history! We’d love to see you at one of the two shows. We’re still in the planning/finalising stages, meaning that we’re still planning festivities, so be sure to comment on how we can improve this.

We certainly can’t wait to see you there joining in the event!

– Moo and the rest of the Dovahkiin Team

Dovahkiin Titles

King Strider has officially reviewed the faction titles structure and has decided upon an official version. The regulations of which are detailed here:

  • Every Dovahkiin member has a title equivalent to their rank:
    &5[King] — Purple colour. For the King.
    &b[Officer] — Aqua colour. For Officers.
    &3[Member] — Teal colour. Trusted Member.
    &2[Member] — Dark green colour. Normal Member.
    &7[Recruit] — Grey colour. Rank 2 Recruit.
    &8[Recruit] — Dark grey colour. New Rank 1 Recruit.
  • Dovahkiin members with rank [Member] or higher are also eligble for a personal title.
    Personal titles must follow set rules:
    -Must be legitimate.
    -Must be relevant.
    -Must be deserved or earnt.
  • Formatting of Faction titles:
    -Titles must be ordered with symbols first(award/warning symbols), then official rank, the personal titles.
    -Brackets [ ] must be the same colour as the adjacent letter they contain.
    -No spaces or underscores, separate words are identified by capitalising the first letter, JustLikeThis.
  • Title Symbols:
    -&5o –Kings award, for notable achievements in the faction. Lasts one week.
    -&4x –Warning, for breaking faction rules, representing the faction badly, or misbehaving and causing trouble.

King strider6106 is the only individual who can approve and set personal titles or give warnings and awards.

This is the official title structure and any changes must be thorougly discussed first.