Dovahkiin Titles

King Strider has officially reviewed the faction titles structure and has decided upon an official version. The regulations of which are detailed here:

  • Every Dovahkiin member has a title equivalent to their rank:
    &5[King] — Purple colour. For the King.
    &b[Officer] — Aqua colour. For Officers.
    &3[Member] — Teal colour. Trusted Member.
    &2[Member] — Dark green colour. Normal Member.
    &7[Recruit] — Grey colour. Rank 2 Recruit.
    &8[Recruit] — Dark grey colour. New Rank 1 Recruit.
  • Dovahkiin members with rank [Member] or higher are also eligble for a personal title.
    Personal titles must follow set rules:
    -Must be legitimate.
    -Must be relevant.
    -Must be deserved or earnt.
  • Formatting of Faction titles:
    -Titles must be ordered with symbols first(award/warning symbols), then official rank, the personal titles.
    -Brackets [ ] must be the same colour as the adjacent letter they contain.
    -No spaces or underscores, separate words are identified by capitalising the first letter, JustLikeThis.
  • Title Symbols:
    -&5o –Kings award, for notable achievements in the faction. Lasts one week.
    -&4x –Warning, for breaking faction rules, representing the faction badly, or misbehaving and causing trouble.

King strider6106 is the only individual who can approve and set personal titles or give warnings and awards.

This is the official title structure and any changes must be thorougly discussed first.

Archery Grandmaster & Other Skill News

Wolfoftao has proudly claimed the first Grandmaster title for a PVP skill!
Wolfoftao achieved level 1000 in the Archery skill, he has been training hard and the results are well worth it. This hard work and determination displayed by Wolfoftao should be inspiration for all PVP Grandmaster aspirants, it is what is required to achieve Grandmastery. With level 1000 Archery Wolfoftao is a formidable opponent in battle, anyone seeking tips or training in this skill should seek out Wolfoftao, I’m sure he has plenty of knowledge to offer! Though Wolfoftao is not stopping there, he is still hard at work training his other skills, his swords is at level 523, axes at level 600, and unarmed at level 601. Very impressive work, be sure to congratulate Wolfoftao when you see him!





In other news:

King Strider6106 achieves his second Grandmaster title in Repair!
Through repairing his broken training armour and weapons he has slowly progressed to level 1000 and has finaly reached Grandmastery!




Many members are also progressing well in their PVP skills! Here is a list of those who are working hard and achieving good results:
Blacksheep65 with level 302  unarmed.
Operationguard with level 386 axes.
Riley9881 with level 417 unarmed.
Epicgamer553 with level 564 axes.
Puats with 276 axes.
Jawnson with 322 axes and 217 swords, good work!
_Wheatley_ with 369 axes and 227 unarmed, nice!
There are also a few others who are getting close to an impressive level, keep working at it everyone!

Gandalf_the_Gr8 promoted to ‘Head Guard’, and other news

Head Guard Promotion
Gandalf_The_Gr8 is a relatively member to Dovahkiin and in a short space of time has improved and achieved lots. I must first point out a few qualities in Gandalf that I noticed and value very highly: when Gandalf asked about the role I told him the requirements, he did not question them or try and find a way around them, he just got straight to work and in less than 2 days he met the requirements. Gandalf was respectful, efficient, obedient and honest and these qualities are what have set him aside from other members at his level in Dovahkiin.

It is now my pleasure to promote Gandalf_The_Gr8 to the position of Head_Guard in Dovahkiin!
His position entitles him to the in-game title of “Head_Guard”; the raiment of the “Head_Guard”(Armour Set); entitlement to a grant of up to 100 silver per-project for funding needed for the ‘Guards’ department; command of the NorthWest Tower and it’s adjoining building; a ‘Guards Command Center’ will also be constructed in Winterhold and Gandalf will take command of the Center.

Anyone who wishes to join the ‘Dovahkiin Guard’ please contact Gandalf, he will be looking for good recruits to aid in the protection of Dovahkiin.

Gandalf is a perfect example of what all Dovahkiin members should strive to act like, the values that he displayed are highly valued and will benefit him greatly in Dovahkiin and in the world of Aloria. Gandalf is not the only one to possess such qualities, there are many other members of Dovahkiin who display the same qualities and these members are highly respected and should be seen as role models for newer members of the faction.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Return of Epicgamer553 Epicgamer553 is an old member of Dovahkiin and he went on a long journey though Aloria a while ago training his skills, he has now returned and is continuing training and has hopes to raise an elite fighting force in Dovahkiin. If you think you have what it takes to fight along side Epicgamer please contact him. Members if his Elite Fighting Force will be given residency in the new Fort being constructed outside Winterhold, the Fort is a very high quality Facility and has a great location.
Batman needs Vampire Hunters! If you are a skilled vampire hunter please contact Batmanfive, he is in need of warriors to help him in his efforts against the Vampires. Volunteers will be given a room in the Barracks!
Try not to die… Currently Dovahkiin does not have enough power to claim land, check ” /f p ” to see how much power you have. Try to get your power up as much as possible so we can claim our new cities.
Return of OperationGuard… This will be announced later.


WARFARE : Reasons we are hesitant to include ourselves in wars.

Note: This is my viewpoint on the situation and may not be shared by the other officers, the General or the King.

At the current time I have been asked multiple times if we are a peaceful faction and/or if we raid. To put it simply, we aren’t as well prepared as we use to be a year ago. A year ago our faction was quite good at fighting. We were largely a non-premium faction (as we still are) but minecraft’s combat system has changed since then. Enchantments weren’t a thought and armour worked differently*. Few had high mcmmo skills and fewer had Grandmastery** of any combat skills. The combative difference between premiums and non-premiums was slim for most, now it means almost everything.

As for now, I will not take anyone under Novice** in a melee skill on a raid nor will I sanction one. The consequences of raiding a faction for satisfaction of the moment are outweighed by the repercussions of said action. While we may have fun at the time, it’s likely they will come to raid us and then we will get complaints about it which is more challenging to deal with. People will complain of the items they lost and their armour that was destroyed and will demand compensation. The way to remedy this is to train. Train your skills like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve been training my skills for about two or three weeks now, about 3-4 hours a day, and have gotten my swords and axes to 500 and my unarmed and archery to 600. I know most have jobs or school among other things that limit the amount of time you can play but when I see most of you, you spend no time training at all (Note: I do know some have other things they are working on while they are on and are therefor excluded from this). Some do train but when you hit 50-100 in a skill you immediately want to raid and test your new abilities. That will almost always get you killed, I’ve been there so I know firsthand.

Now to address the difference between premiums and non-premiums. While I understand that some of the younger players haven’t a credit card to buy premium with, others just don’t want to pay for one reason or another. I see no problem with either just know that without a high skill-set (around the Journeyman or Experienced ranks at the very least**) you will, in most cases, never win against a premium. If a premium has god armour and Grandmastery of a combat skill it is unlikely even three to four non-premiums could kill the premium. That’s just how it is unfortunately and I hope they fix this as I would love to have all of my friends beside me as I fight without watching them be murdered with one or two hits from an axe. Again, this can be remedied slightly if you have iron-god armour but iron just doesn’t have the durability diamond does.

To conclude, we don’t involve ourselves in raids/wars because our citizens aren’t trained enough to handle them yet. I hope everyone can understand this as it can only change if you train. With that, I hope to see you on the field. -Wolf

* Armour would protect you less the more it was damaged. This meant a person in a damaged set of diamond armour could be killed  as easily as someone in iron if not easier.

** We have a ranking system for skills with Upcoming being the lowest (0) and Grandmaster being the highest (1000). The list of ranks is provided here as well as on the Archery Masters tab in Army Divisions. It was drawn up by strider6106 (our King) and shows what level is needed to be considered each rank.Image

Dovahkiin Champion

Update: (3/12/14) This is an irrelevant post at this moment. This role does not exist and probably will never!

Dovahkiin needs a Champion! Dovahkiin needs a hero that embodies all Dovahkiin stands for! Are you the Dovahkiin Champion?

How does that sound to you? Would you like to see a member of Dovahkiin titled the Dovahkiin Champion? What qualities, skills, requirements would the Dovahkiin Champion need to have?

How would they be recognised? I suggest a coloured title. 🙂
What benefits would they get and what duties would they be required to do?
Where would they rank? Also, should we have a set ranking system in Dovahkiin that is more diverse than “Member” and “Officer”?

Here is a photo of Dovahkiin back in its glory days!

Change Faction Description?

Dovahkiin’s Faction description has been the same since its foundation, it has never changed. The faction description is a useful feature to put small news announcements for people to see when they /f who Dovahkiin. It would also be an easy way to communicate within the faction.
DO YOU think we should stay with TRADITION or UTILISE this helpful feature?
COMMENT below and share your view.
ALSO VOTE in your COMMENT for which choice you believe we should take. (Alert other faction members about this so they can have a say in it too!)

Time to get serious!!!

As I’m  sure you’ve all noticed I’ve been away from Dovahkiin for a bit and this is reflected in the factions current state… -_-  Firstly, sorry for being away, I was somewhat abandoning Dovahkiin there and I am happy to say I am back!!
I have been busy running my own server! It was a good server and was going really well, but it met an unfortunate end. A bad host and a vengeful server founder who I cut out (he was incompetent 😉 ). It was a 150 slot server not that different from massivecraft, and it just got messy and was too much effort. So forget it!!!! What about Dovahkiin!!! My good friends who have put their trust in me! So I am back, and I have some big goals for Dovahkiin and really want to bring Dovahkiin back to it’s former glory. Get ready to rumble!!