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King of Dovahkiin 2013-2018 ( Officer of MooCo 2018 (

Dovahkiin Titles

King Strider has officially reviewed the faction titles structure and has decided upon an official version. The regulations of which are detailed here:

  • Every Dovahkiin member has a title equivalent to their rank:
    &5[King] — Purple colour. For the King.
    &b[Officer] — Aqua colour. For Officers.
    &3[Member] — Teal colour. Trusted Member.
    &2[Member] — Dark green colour. Normal Member.
    &7[Recruit] — Grey colour. Rank 2 Recruit.
    &8[Recruit] — Dark grey colour. New Rank 1 Recruit.
  • Dovahkiin members with rank [Member] or higher are also eligble for a personal title.
    Personal titles must follow set rules:
    -Must be legitimate.
    -Must be relevant.
    -Must be deserved or earnt.
  • Formatting of Faction titles:
    -Titles must be ordered with symbols first(award/warning symbols), then official rank, the personal titles.
    -Brackets [ ] must be the same colour as the adjacent letter they contain.
    -No spaces or underscores, separate words are identified by capitalising the first letter, JustLikeThis.
  • Title Symbols:
    -&5o –Kings award, for notable achievements in the faction. Lasts one week.
    -&4x –Warning, for breaking faction rules, representing the faction badly, or misbehaving and causing trouble.

King strider6106 is the only individual who can approve and set personal titles or give warnings and awards.

This is the official title structure and any changes must be thorougly discussed first.

New City in New Ceardia?

A new land has been discovered (new map released), a human land. The Regalian Government has named it New Ceardia, very creative.
New lands always present many opportunities, there are fresh claims to be made, there is beautiful untouched terrain and plenty of space! So should Dovahkiin start any development there? Do we have reason to or does anyone have any ideas or desires to govern a town there? Anything is possible!

Another News Article in relation to the new world:
Strangely enough since New Ceardia was discovered there has been a HUGE increase in the number of mining and excavation grandmasters in the world. Analysts have attributed this strange occurrence to the fact that there is not a single inch of flat land in the entire world of New Ceardia where people can build! Hence people have been slaving away mining or excavating to create flat land to build on. Great! =D I’ve been missing my daily dose of mining, haven’t you? Who could ever get sick of levelling terrain?

Ha ha there is some flat land in New Ceardia, I just found it funny that sooooo much of it was very steep hills or mountains. Isn’t the point of minecraft building, and there isn’t much space to do that. I think it’s massivecraft’s tactic to get people to play on the server more, give them more terrain levelling work to do. At least we wont have people should out “I’m bored” in global…
No, the map is very cool though, some spectacular landscapes great work to the mc team.

Archery Grandmaster & Other Skill News

Wolfoftao has proudly claimed the first Grandmaster title for a PVP skill!
Wolfoftao achieved level 1000 in the Archery skill, he has been training hard and the results are well worth it. This hard work and determination displayed by Wolfoftao should be inspiration for all PVP Grandmaster aspirants, it is what is required to achieve Grandmastery. With level 1000 Archery Wolfoftao is a formidable opponent in battle, anyone seeking tips or training in this skill should seek out Wolfoftao, I’m sure he has plenty of knowledge to offer! Though Wolfoftao is not stopping there, he is still hard at work training his other skills, his swords is at level 523, axes at level 600, and unarmed at level 601. Very impressive work, be sure to congratulate Wolfoftao when you see him!





In other news:

King Strider6106 achieves his second Grandmaster title in Repair!
Through repairing his broken training armour and weapons he has slowly progressed to level 1000 and has finaly reached Grandmastery!




Many members are also progressing well in their PVP skills! Here is a list of those who are working hard and achieving good results:
Blacksheep65 with level 302  unarmed.
Operationguard with level 386 axes.
Riley9881 with level 417 unarmed.
Epicgamer553 with level 564 axes.
Puats with 276 axes.
Jawnson with 322 axes and 217 swords, good work!
_Wheatley_ with 369 axes and 227 unarmed, nice!
There are also a few others who are getting close to an impressive level, keep working at it everyone!

Gandalf_the_Gr8 promoted to ‘Head Guard’, and other news

Head Guard Promotion
Gandalf_The_Gr8 is a relatively member to Dovahkiin and in a short space of time has improved and achieved lots. I must first point out a few qualities in Gandalf that I noticed and value very highly: when Gandalf asked about the role I told him the requirements, he did not question them or try and find a way around them, he just got straight to work and in less than 2 days he met the requirements. Gandalf was respectful, efficient, obedient and honest and these qualities are what have set him aside from other members at his level in Dovahkiin.

It is now my pleasure to promote Gandalf_The_Gr8 to the position of Head_Guard in Dovahkiin!
His position entitles him to the in-game title of “Head_Guard”; the raiment of the “Head_Guard”(Armour Set); entitlement to a grant of up to 100 silver per-project for funding needed for the ‘Guards’ department; command of the NorthWest Tower and it’s adjoining building; a ‘Guards Command Center’ will also be constructed in Winterhold and Gandalf will take command of the Center.

Anyone who wishes to join the ‘Dovahkiin Guard’ please contact Gandalf, he will be looking for good recruits to aid in the protection of Dovahkiin.

Gandalf is a perfect example of what all Dovahkiin members should strive to act like, the values that he displayed are highly valued and will benefit him greatly in Dovahkiin and in the world of Aloria. Gandalf is not the only one to possess such qualities, there are many other members of Dovahkiin who display the same qualities and these members are highly respected and should be seen as role models for newer members of the faction.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Return of Epicgamer553 Epicgamer553 is an old member of Dovahkiin and he went on a long journey though Aloria a while ago training his skills, he has now returned and is continuing training and has hopes to raise an elite fighting force in Dovahkiin. If you think you have what it takes to fight along side Epicgamer please contact him. Members if his Elite Fighting Force will be given residency in the new Fort being constructed outside Winterhold, the Fort is a very high quality Facility and has a great location.
Batman needs Vampire Hunters! If you are a skilled vampire hunter please contact Batmanfive, he is in need of warriors to help him in his efforts against the Vampires. Volunteers will be given a room in the Barracks!
Try not to die… Currently Dovahkiin does not have enough power to claim land, check ” /f p ” to see how much power you have. Try to get your power up as much as possible so we can claim our new cities.
Return of OperationGuard… This will be announced later.


WAR ON VAMPIRES :General Marek’s Announcement

Outside the Winterhold barracks, a clambering crowd is waiting noisily. The snowstorm has already formed a white blanket around them, and is showing no signs of slowing. Despite this, the growing crowd seem undeterred. All of a sudden, the doors of the barracks swing open, and a great hush falls upon the crowd. Stood in front of them is a blond man; he is wearing a thin blue waistcoat and has a glowing sword swinging at his belt. The man seems unfazed by the extreme weather conditions that he is surrounded by and instead looks directly and confidently at the gathering. This man is General Marek Dredros, leader of Dovahkiin’s army and an experienced Vampire slayer. He clears his throat and begins to speak…

“Citizens of Winterhold! It has come to our attention that the waves of demonic activity in Regalia and across the other continents of Aloria are likely to have been endorsed and encouraged by the unearthly scum known as Vampires. It is important to understand that these beings are responsible for mass deaths throughout our lands. They split apart our families and feed on our children. They must be stopped. It is for those reasons, and for many others too horrendous to mention, that the mighty people of Dovahkiin have chosen to act! We, at the request of our mighty King Strider, hereby declare Vampires to be outlawed in all our towns and cities! Any Vampires caught on our property will be arrested and given a simple choice: Cure or Kill. I will personally lead this movement, and any true citizen who wishes to aid us can contact one of my representatives. It is vital to note that this is not a declaration of war against any faction or empire, and that we are simply outlawing Vampires in our territory. I thank you all for your support in these troubling times for this world, and would implore you to inform the fine soldiers of our army of any Vampires that you may be aware of!”

The General gives a brief bow, then pivots on one foot and strides back into the barracks. Great applause is given for this new movement and as the crowd disperse, the great steel doors of the Winterhold Barracks swing shut, sealing the great building from the harsh mountain winds…

Demon Shrine in Regalia! -RP

Demons! Oh the demons!! An underworld has spawned in the depths of Regalia and the evil spreads deep and far!!!
Whilst exploring the underground sewer community in Regalia Blacksheep came across an odd mineshaft leading deep into the rock. There was nothing odd about how it looked, though still he could sense something was wrong. His stomach felt queasy as looked down the shaft, yet still he was compelled to explore.
Though he would not dare, not by him self, there was something powerful and dangerous down that mineshaft, he could feel it…
So he ran to the local Tavern in the undercity, he knew Wolfoftao would be there at this time, enjoying a drink at the bar. Wolfoftao was a strong and fierce warrior, just the person Sheep wanted by his side when he ventured down the mineshaft.
Sheep found him there and explained what he wanted to do.
“You can feel it too?” said Wolfoftao with a grim tone to his voice. “I knew something wasn’t right here, I could never guess what though, perhaps you have found what is causing this dark presence…”
Upon making their way back to the mineshaft they encountered a speechless strider ogling at the underground city, “I had no idea this was here” he remarked, “This is astonishing, though there is a foreboding sense about this place…”
“Your right, we can feel it too. Something is not right here and Sheep thinks he has found the source of it. Want to come along? We might need an extra sword.” said Wolfoftao.
“Hmm this isn’t good, lead the way.” Replied Strider.
Together they ventured down the mineshaft until they reached what appeared to be a glowing purple barrier, this was it… They stepped through the magical wall and all gasped in unison…

“This is it!!!!! We were right!! There is a foul power at work here, far greater than we can combat!! We should leave now and bring this news to the Regalian Oligarchs!!” Shouted Blacksheep.
He turned to run … and froze, as he laid eyes on a horde of demons behind them.
“Too late…” He mumbled.
More demons emerged from the portals in the walls, together the three of them drew their swords and stood back to back.
“We can not slay them all, we must make our way to the exit and get back to the undercity. Quickly!!!” Commanded Wolfoftao, his battle instinct kicking in.
The demons rushed at them…
Strider swung his axe left and right cleaving demons with his strength and skill.
Similarly Wolfoftao and Blacksheep did the same. Demon bodies began to litter the floor around them as they slowly made their way to the exit.

The reached the exit, turned and bolted for the undercity leaving the Demons moaning and screeching behind them.
“One cut me deep with its claws Strider, we need to get help quickly.” exclaimed Blacksheep.
“We can go to the local Tavern, the owner there will have healing apparatus.” said Wolfoftao.
“Alright, lets go quick. Sheep, let us carry you, if you move any more you will bleed out. Wolf, give me a hand.” Ordered Strider.
Together Wolfoftao and Strider carried Sheep to the Tavern where he was treated.
“It’s a bit of a rough job but it will do until you can get to a full healing apothecary up top.” said the Tavern owner. They thanked him and departed.
They were lucky to make it out alive, though they will have to return with help soon enough to rid Regalia of the dark evil. Be careful, for there is evil about.

Ceardia Past!

Ceardia, the home of Dovahkiin for many ages is not a barren land devoid of life and resources. It holds many memories and grand constructions and ruins though we must move on and progress through the ages.
The land Ceardia will be written into the History books of Dovahkiin, but now we are cutting off transport back to the land. Say your final farewells and pack up. We move to the new lands, to find new glory and riches. Perhaps in a new land we will have a better start at returning to our former glory, the quest upon which we never waver. Dovahkiins traditions may change, the way we think, do, see, and act may change, but we will still seek that honourable glory and good moral values.
Together we move into the new lands, let us accept the challenges and see what we can make of them!
Dovahkiin Shall Conquer!!!!!!!!!

Dovahkiin Champion

Update: (3/12/14) This is an irrelevant post at this moment. This role does not exist and probably will never!

Dovahkiin needs a Champion! Dovahkiin needs a hero that embodies all Dovahkiin stands for! Are you the Dovahkiin Champion?

How does that sound to you? Would you like to see a member of Dovahkiin titled the Dovahkiin Champion? What qualities, skills, requirements would the Dovahkiin Champion need to have?

How would they be recognised? I suggest a coloured title. 🙂
What benefits would they get and what duties would they be required to do?
Where would they rank? Also, should we have a set ranking system in Dovahkiin that is more diverse than “Member” and “Officer”?

Here is a photo of Dovahkiin back in its glory days!

Dovahkiin Moving Forward



With the removal of Ceardia quickly approaching Dovahkiin has much to do! Currently the officers of Dovahkiin are working hard to prepare the faction for the move to Ellador, one of the new worlds. It is also great to see faction members active and online, one of my goals for the new Dovahkiin in Ellador is to make the faction more interactive! I can’t reveal much yet, though if you would like to help with the preparation for the move and with establishing Dovahkiin’s new home, please mail me and tell me how much time you have and what you can and can’t do(build, recruit, lead, make money, supplies).
Thank you to those who have been helping with projects and get a move on to those who do have a project and aren’t near completion 😛 time is running short.
I am also going to try and introduce a few new things into Dovahkiin over the next few days-weeks, so stay tuned and PLEASE tell, no, FORCE more people to visit the website, new members in particular!