Dovahkiins first major Alliance relationship was the Dovahkiin Alliance, established and lead by Wizered67 until its collapse.

The Dovahkiin Alliance consisted of around 10 factions, all close friends. Our aim was to have an alliance that provide protection for one another and work together on common goals when a new enemy arose in the world of Ceardia.
Wizered managed the Alliance and our relationships, he also constructed the Alliance meeting hall which featured a large forum chamber and a bunker underneath where private meetings could be held and where the armory was located.

The Alliance collapsed after the Rebellion, as Wizered the figurehead of the Alliance was banished from Dovahkiin. Many factions remained loyal to Dovahkiin and maintained Ally status. Though factions like LunarCIND broke away and sided with Wizered and his new faction, their loyalty lying with their friendship with Wizered.
Fortunately no war broke out between the split parties as a result of the Rebellion, though Wizered was conducting a secret spy war on Dovahkiin that we were unaware of.

Dovahkiin went on to make friends with the faction Serenum, Darkfeather, their leader became a close friend too.
Dovahkiin declined invites to join Serenums newly forged Empire, the ‘Serenum Empire’, as we did not want to engage in warfare and had already built up Dovahkiin to a self sufficient state(and had evened out the battle against the Sassanids).

When Serenum went on to establish its ‘Serenum Island Empire’ Dovahkiin agreed to join the Empire and start a settlement on the Empire Island. Dovahkiin joined as its trust in Serenum as a benevolent leader had grown; we wanted to support their goal of maintaining a peaceful Aloria and ensuring there was no PVP giant dominating/bullying the smaller factions of the world.
Serenum stayed true to their goals and good nature, successfully achieving its goal of peace for a significant amount of time.
This successful empire inspired many other leaders to try and start their own Empires and so the Empire scene on massivecraft began. One of the most notorious Empires to start up and successfully oppose Serenum was BeeRandos Empire, called Illumini.(Ill something…)
ShootingChimpz also started a moderately successful empire, along with a few other large factions who had stand alone empires with small faction numbers but strong individual faction power.

Dovahkiin stayed with the Serenum Empire until its dissolution and has not joined or formed any empires or alliances since.

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