Ald’ruhn – Teled Methen

Ald’run is currently Dovahkiins main city. It is located in central Teled Methen at the base of a mountain range. The city was founded in early 2016 and has since grown to extend down its surrounding mountainsides onto the open plains below.

The city is organised in distinct purpose based areas and features many significant landmarks.

The following is a map of the city as at 26/11/2016:



Central Plaza:
The central plaza is the main entry point for Ald’run.  The plaza tower holding the portal entrance for the city.
The plaza is also the stage for Dovahkiins fantastic firework shows, that are often put on in coordination with faction events by Moomius and MooGroup.
The central plaza is surrounded by key faction buildings, there are still buildings awaiting construction.

Tent Fields:
This area is host to the faction market stalls and faction event tents. Oh great. Sounds fun.

This area of the city is a collection of farming fields for various crops. Wow! You can use the farms for farming? :OOOO

Lower City:
The main residential area for the faction. Oh boy, great information!

Western Fort:
A fort built at the western base of the plateau on which the city stands. This fort served as an defence and entry point for the firenation. The four nations lived together in harmony, until one day, Assteria attacked.

Southern City:
This area is yet to be inhabited, however it is a potential free build area for recruits who which to build their own homes. /f leave