A few thoughts


I’ve gone undercover into some other factions and have discovered some of the procedures that make the other factions ‘work.’ Here are my observations.

Factions – especially Tyberia and Lazury – simply drop their members into a house, without a tour, and leave them to their own will. In terms of Lazury, I simply got dropped off at f home, free to explore the city. I believe that this is one of the places we have an advantage. Sure, a tour may be more time consuming, but perhaps it gives a sense of the areas to members. Maybe we should shorten down our time by simply bringing them to the housing area, and allowing them to read the tour book.

Talking about the tour book – it’s also something we had an advantage on. It’s quick and easy to read, and allows the recruit to simply refer to the book in order to get an idea of all our rules and proceedings. Our buildings also are much better, with spaces being crafted with intention – not rush. Lazury especially has terribly flat buildings.

However, what we gain in beauty we lose in freedom. Perhaps we give an area for recruits to do their own building of shops, and other areas. I propose that the fountain area is used to give recruits the ability to build with their own creations. This means that we can also ‘vet’ bad builders and stop them from building in our most explored areas.

On top of this, I feel like recruiting, while laborious, needs to happen more. Encouraging members to recruit, and getting officers who aren’t busy/want to to start recruiting more (namely, me). We need to instill some trust too. Theft and grief, while unlikely, will happen. We should protect areas that are public, but give some trust to the members. Be more open.

I’m guilty of kicking members without talking to them first after they had broken some rules. Perhaps it’s time to become more tolerant with our members, give them more trust, and allow them to explore our city on their own.

We have a clear advantage in our city and its beautiful structures, now we just need the push to expand.

– Moo


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