Some System Changes | Introducing Connect.


Wow – this website isn’t outdated or anything. Nope.

Anyway, I wanted to address some things that I think is ineffective with our current systems such as MooGroup Connect and our job system in general.

Right now, MooGroup Connect is – at best – a system that, while ‘managing jobs,’ is quite ineffective. Indeed, the system was set up in order to allow Dovahkiin to move product from players at a lower price, before selling them for profit at the Market. This has not happened at this point.

There’s a few reasons for this, including lack of initial funding, as well as the instability of an investment such as a double chest of bread, and how much money we can make from it to make profit from it while buying it at a reasonable price from our members. On top of this, we found that players were not participating in MooGroup Connect.

So, I believe it’s time to retire the MooGroup Connect system, as it simply did not connect the dots as we expected it to. In fact, members are better off simply selling items directly to market, giving a use for not only /tp market stalls, but our own Dovahkiin market.

Perhaps MooGroup Connect could back one day in a different form, but for now, when the faction needs to purchase items, we should simply reimburse players for their work after we received the items that are deemed required for specific projects.

We’ve also seen that players are happy to do work without their payment, and perhaps that’s a good thing.

This change, however, makes Job Leaders redundant (not that we actually have any in the faction currently). By removing two layers (job leader and MooGroup Connect) from our overarching job system, Dovahkiin will be able to deal its members more directly and efficiently than before. We also are able to get rid of the MooGroup branding (which is something that many of our existing members don’t know about) and just name it Connect.

Therefore, the group distinction is also deemed unnecessary, as it was intended to provide context on whether a member was a job leader, which is independent from rank and job title.

Instead, I propose, that we move towards a system that, instead of having a group identifer (the [J], [JL], [L], [FL]), we simply place a “Job Rank” inside the brackets. To differentiate it from our existing overall faction rank, this number would be from 1-5 in Roman Numerals. This would mean that, for example, a level 2 lumberjack with a rank 3 standing within the faction would look like “[3][III] Lumberjack”

While the faction rank will persist through jobs, the Job Rank will not. You can, however, return to a job and receive your old ranking (as long as it’s properly documented, which means giving notice to the Dovahkiin Records Department in town hall)

Officers, on the other hand, would be given a similar title, but in different colours, to highlight importance. Instead of a grey, the borders would be gold, symbolising their trump status.

For now, this is just a concept. With time, and approval from other officers, the system will be fully implemented. For now, however, expect to see small changes to the existing system to incorporate some of the smaller ideas such as colour changes


  • Mighty Dovahkiin.

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