Markets Pre-Renting

Lily_Lollielegs and our newly appointed officer, Rainbow_Rach, have constructed our new, lovely Ald’ruhn market. Located behind the mine, and next to the stables, this new garden-themed market has been beautifully hand crafted to fit our very needs. Members will be able to rent out shops for 1 month at a time, selling anything of their choosing.

The purpose of this market is to allow people to sell their own weapons, produce, etc, if they do not wish to go through the MooGroup Connect system. This means that, while your items won’t be sold instantly, you will have more control over your own prices, the place in which they are sold, and in what quantities. Those who are in the MooGroup Connect system can continue to sell to MooGroup Connect even if they have their own shop. A shop may be a secondary source of income for many members.

The market and related infrastructure is expected to be completed in the next two weeks, so we have decided to open pre-renting. Those who wish to reserve a shop are free to do so by completing the form below! Please look at the gallery and ensure that you have enough regals to pay for your shop!

Please hover over the pictures to see the name and price.

Shop Pre-Rent Form

First Come, First Serve.



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