It’s time for change.

Yes, it’s time for change. Our progress, as a faction, has been limited in the last month – and this is for a variety of reasons. Some of these include:

  • Lack of activity in terms of members and officers (I know, a lot of us are busy.)
  • Lack of recruitment
  • Lack of progress in terms of building and expansion
  • Lack of planning

It’s time that we change this. I think that the best way to do this would be to completely overhaul the faction’s structure. Unfortunately, Strider isn’t currently active, so I’ve taken it upon myself to do this, and as such, compliance would be appreciated.

Titles and Authority

Our current ranking system is quite simplistic and leaves much to be wanted. For those who don’t know, below is a list of our current ranks, and an explanation of how said ranks work.

  • [R] – Our recruit rank. This rank provides very little permissions, however, it is a symbolic title; a rank that represents being new and untrusted.
  • [M] – Our member rank. This rank provides more permissions, including inviting and kicking members.
  • [T] – A completely symbolic title that represents loyalty.
  • [O] – Our officer rank. This is the highest that any member could ever wish to get to. While it provides many perks, it’s a “roof” to member promotion.
  • [King] – Our king rank. With all the permissions and ultimate power, only Strider may have this rank.

There are quite a lot of identifiable issues with this system:

  • Once a faction member reaches the [M] rank, they are left with a metaphorical wall to get over to acquire the next rank. While officer exclusivity is incredibly important, there should be some ranks in between.
  • Our ranks are mainly symbolic – they don’t represent any real benefit, apart from very little permission ‘bumps.’
  • Lack of consistency – The progression of our ranks is terrible. We move from symbolic, useful, symbolic to useful.

Our new system

Introducing the new system! Here’s how it goes.

The general formatting is this: [N] [G] JOB

‘N’ – Number

To help solve the issue of promotion, a scale has been created. Spanning from 0-10, this scale measures your authority and trust in the faction. Decided by a number of factors, such as time spent in faction, contributions, and loyalty, this number will dictate a variety of factors, from what positions you may receive in our job system, to your permissions in our faction.

This number defines your ‘rank’ in the faction (more on the new group system later). So, new recruits will begin with a 0 rating, and be able to move their way up to 3 before coming members. After this point, 3 to 7 represent our  ‘member’ rank – although, each number does provide its own benefits, and provides a tangible ‘counter’ from promotion to promotion, encouraging good deeds and activity in the faction. After 7, we have our officer ranks. That is, 7-10.

Important faction leaders such as Strider will receive a 10 rating, however, they will still have different roles, based on our second field and third fields, groups and jobs. By having officers and our leader at the same level, we can provide a sense of a true team – one that is equal and able to contribute in a fair manner.

‘G’ – Groups

Our group system is defined not only by the number value, but desired roles. Each group is represented by a number, and provides an easy way to catalogue members and their roles in the faction.

  • [M] – Member. This rank applies to everyone in our previous recruit and member ranks. Essentially, it’s the generic rank that everyone receives upon entering the faction.
  • [J] – Job. These are people who have jobs, and contribute to the economy. We are easily able to see who is working, and who isn’t working
  • [JL] – Job Leader. This group of people are leaders in our new job system – they manage the working of people in their assigned job area. This group requires a 4 ranking or more.
  • [L] – Leader. This group of people are our officers who are not designated to one specific job, and instead, ‘move’ between their duties. This group spans form 7 to 9 rankings.
  • [F] – Faction Leader. This group consists of high-authority leaders. This includes positions 9 and above. These members have immense control over the faction.
  • [K] – King. To avoid confusion between our high leaders and Strider, the King group was created. The King has ultimate control over the faction.

‘J’ – Jobs

As many of you have heard, we are planning to introduce a job system that will integrate with MooGroup Connect, and will provide opportunities for everyone to earn money and contribute to our faction. This title is quite flexible, and can be changed depending on the member’s current working position. These titles, for now, include:

  • Citizen – The generic title for everyone before they have a job
  • Job Title (Farmer, Alchemist, etc.) – These titles are job specific, and are the same no matter what group you are in (J and JL).
  • Custom title – Our ranks 7-10 are customisable, and can be job specific, or customised to be an expression of personality, etc.

Colours and formatting

By the time you’re reading this, I should have changed your title to match this new system. However, for officers, the colouring should work like this:

&8[&6&l(N)&r&8][&5&l(G)&r&8] &3(Job)


Everyone has been assigned numbers according to the rank you were previously placed on – and you have been likely moved up from that standard rank.


Quickly, this is how our job system will work.

A leader ([L]) will oversee the operation of the job leaders ([JL]). The Job Leader’s job is to ensure that their specific ‘team’ (group of [J]) is operating efficiently and correctly. Job Leaders will not sell produce to MooGroup Connect; instead, members will sell their own produce to MooGroup Connect. Job Leaders will, however, communicate with MooGroup Connect executives to ensure that their groups are producing what is needed for sale.


All members above 3 are encouraged to commence recruitment, however, our leaders and above 7 should be seeking to recruit whenever they have the chance to. Their area for building is past the enemy war building, down the hill. They are able to build there, but will be encouraged to move on after they reach the rank 3 and above


I’ll be posting more when I have the ability to – but the post is already incredibly long at this point. I do truly believe that these changes will help revitalise the faction and create an active Dovahkiin once more!



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