Fireworks & The Easter Event


The Easter Event is now officially over – but that doesn’t mean that nothing will be happening over the next few weeks. The last batch of Easter hunt eggs will be distrusted shortly – and there are still many left to be found!

If you’re yet to hand in your eggs, you still have 2 weeks to do so, after which the eggs will become expired (unless there is still prizes left). MG Events would like to thank for your participation in our event!

Our firework show was scheduled for this week, but, we’ve found that not a lot of people were on at once, so we’re delaying it. While the delay will push back the event around a week, or more, we’d love to remind you that it is one of the most exciting fireworks show we’ve ever planned. New features in mooFireworks 2 include:

  • A new opening sequence
  • Better timed and planned firework launches
  • New sequences

We’d love to see you at the event, but it will not be planned – so come on at times where other people are on, and you’ll likely see a firework show!





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