Introducing MooGroup Connect


Introducing MooGroup Connect, the new, exciting initiative that will benefit all members and recruits.

What is MooGroup Connect?

MooGroup Connect is the new, exciting join program between MooGroup and Dovahkiin. The initiative will act as the economic controller for Dovahkiin, serving as a manager for the internal Dovahkiin markets, as well as a ‘gateway’ to the exterior markets.

How does it work?

Dovahkiin will start to facilitate jobs for new recruits, as well as members, which will give faction members the opportunity to be able to gain and sell resources from our incredibly advanced and highly accessible facilities. Products from jobs will be sold directly to MooGroup Connect, where you will receive instant* payment for your items. These items will be transported to a warehouse, where inventory is managed. Using the money you gained from selling your products (or from anywhere else), you will be able to buy products from MooGroup Connect, as well.

Why MooGroup Connect?

MooGroup Connect work well as it allows everyone to sell their items instantly. It also provides faction members the opportunity to buy products directly from Dovahkiin members, which promotes economic activity. On top of this, we will be managing an exterior MooGroup Connect selling operation focused around the market, and trade chat.


– MooGroup Connect Staff

*Instant selling may not be available if the MooGroup Connect deems that the warehouse does not need any more of said resource (rare cases like low demand, or high supply)



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