Ranks and their weighting

As we approach another era in Dovahkiin’s long history, we must question almost every aspect of the faction to both refine our operation, as well as to create a more welcoming and engaging environment to all our current and future members alike.

This means we must carefully consider our ranking system, and the ‘weight’ of the rank. What does a rank mean? What permissions and advantages come with that rank? What meaning is attached to the rank?

Currently, we have four ranks. These are physical ranks, ranks defined by actual positions that factions give out. Below are our ranks and their positions in factions.

  • Recruit – Member
  • Member – Trusted
  • Officer – Officer
  • Leader – King

This system works well as we can apply permissions to these ranks to limit their ability in the faction. We do not have to change this around as it is.

But perhaps what does need to be changed is the meaning behind a rank. To make a rank more valuable, Strider and I concluded that we must limit its availability and make it difficult to receive without hard work, give special access to areas based on rank (members live in nicer parts of the city, etc), and celebration of promotion by congratulations from others for reaching a higher rank such as trusted. 

Celebration is a large part of this concept. If we make someone feel special for what they have done they will strive to do more. Ceremonies with firework shows and prizes are a great way to do this. 

This sense of work and pride in the faction can be reinforced through team building and creation of friendships in the faction itself. A sense of purpose in the faction is what keeps people with us. This concept will be explored more in another blog post.

Creation of ranks that are special and jobs that are only obtainable by certain ranks has been an idea since DovahCube days, and now is the time to bring these concepts to light again to create a better, stronger faction!

Stay tuned as we explore more ideas such as jobs, teams and war.

We are the mighty Dovahkiin, the Dragon-Born, we shall conquer!

– Moo


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