Regent Queen & Today List/Update Thing™ the second

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second todo list/update thing™. First off: Updates!


Strider will be away for the next week, and as such, new leaders must be appointed to maintain the faction while he is away. I would usually take this duty, however, I will also be away in the next week, so I am also unable to make sure the faction doesn’t self destruct. So, we’ve temporarily promoted our newest officers (Lily and Azura) to Regent Queen to lead the faction over the next two weeks. They have the power to do anything that Strider is able to do, and they also have the ability to change anything  in the faction, including city layout, as well as hierarchy and implementation of a guild system!


  • Put up Christmas decorations around the place
  • Construct a gate that leads down to the poor area
  • Continue preparing for Christmas event (ask Moomius or Azura if you wish to help)
  • Build medieval buildings around the plaza (ask azura, lily or moo for approval)

As always, this post will update as we get new things to-do! Anything you want to put into the todo list? Mail me!



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