Todo List/Update Thing™

Hello Dovahkiin!

We’ve seen the new city, and how it’s going, but I think it’s time for a todo list/update thing™. So, first of all, updates.


Congratulations to our newly promoted officers Azurabunny and Lily_Lollielegs. They have contributed tremendous amounts to our faction and they are truly deserving of this title. We believe that they are highly capable of leading our faction into the next age as we move, once again, from inactivity to activity!

The Christmas Festival is being organised by the team over at MooGroup. We’re specifically focusing on Fireworks, but I’m sure our event organisers will come up with some great activities in the lead up to the show. The firework show will be mainly based around the plaza, with fireworks shooting off from the tower, as well as the buildings surrounding it. We’ll also synchronise fireworks from other major buildings.

Just a reminder about our rank system that has evolved, as there seems to be some confusion around this.

  • [M] – This is the default rank, representing ‘Member.’ To earn this rank, you must join the faction, and to keep it you must follow all faction rules.
  • [T] – This is an elevated rank, representing ‘Trusted.’ To earn this rank, you must be present in the faction regularly and participate in projects, as well as contribute to the faction. This rank gives you the ability to invite your friends into the faction! However, any abuse of this ability will result in demotion.
  • [O] – This is the ‘Officer Rank.’ People of this rank have been in Dovahkiin for a long while and have made significant contributions to the faction. They are to be highly respected due to their valiant efforts in improving the faction. This rank is a ‘law enforcer’ and communicates with the king regularly to create, organise and achieve faction specific goals. This is the highest rank, at the moment, that any member can get to.
  • [King] – This rank is given to Strider, our one and only king. The King is the highest rank, and controls all the faction’s operations, in co-ordination with the officer team, as well as with input from the members and trusted members. There has only been one king, and there will likely ever only be one king.

Welcome to the faction, new recruits! Please, if you need help, ask for it! 🙂


  • Start building roads outwards from the plaza, made out of gravel
  • Untfhfhitled
  • Construct a gate that leads down to the poor area
  • Continue preparing for Christmas event (ask Moomius or Azura if you wish to help)
  • Re-theme f home, as well as the Ellador dark room to a wooden theme. (See edit 1)
  • Put up Christmas decorations around the place.

That’s it for now, however, if you spot anything that needs to be completed around the faction, please feel free to contact me (/m s Moomius) and tell me what you need added to the todo list. This list is likely to update, and will HOPEFULLY be bi-weekly.

Edit 1:

As stated, it’s likely that we’ll continue to update this post for urgent matters. We need to move all our stuff from the Ellador dark room to our f home. This means all of the resources, hoppers, sandstone, ect.

The training room has served us well for the last 2-3 years, and it’s time to say goodbye.





      1. “They cost server resources and not many people live there any more. The decision has been made to remove these maps on the 1st of January, 2016.”

  1. Hey mooms, good to see you guys are still going strong! I logged on today and no one was on but i was hoping to catch someone sometime soon.
    Sorry for my absense ive had special thing going on.

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