MooGroup Office Planning

Hi there,

Please ignore this article if you are not involved in the construction of  the MooGroup offices. Otherwise, read on!

I have laid out some guidelines for where the walls need to be placed as well as the first offices. We’ll access the office through a portal, in the future. We need to fit in the office’s two levels include:

✓ 10 or so offices (general)
Conference Room

  • MooTech offices & prototyping area
  • MooTechnics offices & crafting area
  • MooGroup sales office
  • 4 high level offices – CEO & Chair people.
  • Warehouse storage
  • Empty space for expansion.
  • Relaxation area – Library

Obviously, each office needs  enough space for a couple chests, a desk, and perhaps a plant. As we do have the capability to, we can move above ground for third or fourth levels if needed. We also have the lower levels (after Azura moves her  stuff into the second level) to do stuff in. We want to go for a semi-modern look, with interesting installations and thoughtful, functional pieces of furniture to give the sense of an expansive office.




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