Hey There!

Ossien and its three residential islands have provided us with a place to call home for over a year and a half now, and we’ve certainly seen increased expansion as well as a massive growth in the amount of land we’ve claimed. However, we find now that as we start o become inactive (once again) and start to shrink, our taxes must increase to keep up with the amount of land we have claimed.

And as such, we’re selling Ossien. This money will contribute to taxes as well as any faction related projects that will allow us to move into somewhere a little bit more suiting for our current and future needs. We’re sure you’re all a little bit annoyed at this move, however, it will save not only you, but the whole faction money. Not only this, but we’ll be able to finally move away from the terrible shades of urine yellow that we’ve been living in for the last 12 months.

We will set up universal storage in a secure area for people who wish to store their items during the move. The move will mean that all belongings and locks must be taken off all walls. Any item in abandoned houses and towns are fully ‘up for grabs’ and can be taken. DO NOT TAKE ITEMS OFF PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL ACTIVE AND IN THE FACTION.

If you do not move your items, we will do it for you. Please message an officer if you have any inquires into this move. It certainly is a large job and we’d appreciate your co-operation as we move away from the sea side into the lovely, open forests of new lands.

We will be moving out THIS WEEKEND and as such we would appreciate if you could move before then, however, if you are unable to, we will move all unclaimed chests into a secure storage area as well as any other belongings. You may, if you wish, take out walls and other fixtures within your buildings, however, it would add more value to the city if you could please leave already existing builds standing.

Officers will patrol the area and check houses for remaining items. We can’t wait for you to see our future plans!

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