Changing Faction Ranks … again

With a large bulk of Dovahkiins officers inactive or just very busy in life at the moment, recruitment rates have slowed down and as it turns out, most of our recruiting is being done by our member rank players (credit to people like Lily_lollielegs, AzuraBunny, and Puer).
Members do not actually have the power to recruit, they forward the individual they want to recruit to an officer. It is also Dovahkiin tradition to only award officer status to members on fulfilment of very specific criteria, substantial duration of faction membership being one of the requirements.
Officer rank is a sign of leadership and distinguishes the factions leaders from newer players, the ability to recruit is a perk and responsibility.
The new ranks system I am going to implement changes the member rank to a sort of ‘trusted member’ and ‘developing leader’ rank. This rank will acquire some of the responsibilities of an officer so they may better assist with faction management and development, and also gain experience in these areas before they possibly become an officer. This will uphold Dovahkiin’s traditions of officer promotion and allow more members to help develop the faction.
The following steps will be taken to set up this new system:
The recruit rank will be changed to a normal member rank(all permissions too).
All members will be moved to this new member(recruit) rank.
Selected members will be promoted to this new ‘trusted member’ rank.
The new ‘trusted member’ rank will gain access to recruit and ally functions.

Congratulations to those who get promoted to the ‘trusted member’ rank!

-King Strider



  1. While this does seem nice, what’s the point in not actually giving them the access to /f recruit when they can just “recruit” anyway. It just seems like an unnecessary step to hold up a ‘tradition’

    1. Because they can’t “just recruit anyway”.
      Our officers are not on as much anymore, so when our trusted members do find someone to recruit they can’t actually invite them to the faction. Mailing an officer and waiting for the officer to come online is not a valid solution as often the recruit has gone and joined another faction by then.
      If we want trusted members to be able to recruit, then they need to actually be able to recruit on the spot themselves.

      1. … that was my point.

        Anyway, I see you’ve added the functionality to do that. What I meant is that when they find someone to recruit, they request the officer to recruit the person, which is just another hoop to jump through. If they can just go to an officer “RECRUIT THIS GUY!” and the officer says “ok. /f invite [Member]”, what’s the point in actually not just giving them the command.

        Anyway, I was a little confused as your comment was quite contradictory. But, you’ve added the functionality, so, yeah.

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