A zombie plague strikes Dovahkiin’s neighbouring factions!

“The zombies terrorizing a poor man’s home, wielding … wielding diamonds? Hang on….”


Rumors have spread about a zombie plague striking the Ossien area and its surrounds. Dovahkiin has not had any reports of zombie attacks yet, though our neighbouring factions can not say the same. Most have dismissed the reports as rumours, though the latest update in the matter has brought forward convincing evidence of these zombies.

Dovahkiin’s leader made a statement on the latest update of the zombie plague issue:

King Strider6106:
Dovahkiin is becoming increasingly concerned with the zombie plague currently spreading across the land. As Dovahkiin has not yet been attacked by the zombie plague, we have many resources to spare to help resolve the issue and remove the plague from these lands. Today I have given the order to double the resources being put into our zombie plague neutralising efforts, which are currently being led by Chappers65. May we all pray that this plague comes to an end and no more are harmed by it.
Thank you.

A question, Sir?

~King Strider nods

In the latest evidence material, it appears that the zombies are carrying diamonds. What does this mean?

~King Strider hesitates

King Strider6106:
Well… It means… It means they have no where to put their loot.
We have them on the run!

~The crowd cheers

Since the public statement, the new evidence has gone missing. Officials are very confused and are asking for any other news on the issue to be brought forward.
Stay safe citizens of Dovahkiin, and keep an eye out for zombies!



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