How’s it goin’?

I dunno if I’m still even meant to be able to post on here, but I’d like to say some stuff. .-.

1. I’m back. Yay. We’ve all heard that before, right? Several times. But, hey. I’d rather spent my time helping make Dovahkiin as great as it was in the Ceardian days and hang about with you lot than do what I was doin’ before.

2. Apologies are probably needed for having neglected you guys for a long time now in pursuit of Roleplay stuff in Regalia. Looking back it seems like I completely abandoned you guys without keeping in proper contact, which I shouldn’t have done. So, here I am.

3. Thanks to you guys (well, Mark) for lettin’ me rejoin. Excited to work with y’all again, and looking forward to the future.

Soppy post = Over.



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