Christmas Event


I’m very excited to announce that on the 18th of December, 2014 (AEST GMT+10) at around 7pm, we’ll be kicking off our event. @strider6106 will be starting off the firework show before everyone can open their Secret Santas!

Below is the timetable for our Christmas event:

  • approx 7pm: @strider6106 will kick off the first of the two firework shows
  • Afterwards, opening of the presents shall commence
  • Photos with Santa will be taken.
  • (24th of December, approx 7pm): @moomius will kick off the second firework show for the people who missed the first

We are very excited as this is the first Christmas event in our history! We’d love to see you at one of the two shows. We’re still in the planning/finalising stages, meaning that we’re still planning festivities, so be sure to comment on how we can improve this.

We certainly can’t wait to see you there joining in the event!

– Moo and the rest of the Dovahkiin Team


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