MooMail is a the mail service that will be working under Dovahkiin to deliver mail, as a sub-company of MooTech. We have assigned post codes to every area and have also created regulations, which are explained later in this post.


This map shows the correct districts. The postal code system follows this system: IslandNumber-TeirNumber-AreaNumber


  • Every house must have a mailbox (a donation chest (/cdonation) on top of a fence, where a sign must be placed with your name)
  • Every house must have a “deposit box” which is regulated by MooTech within 20 blocks around it.
  • A deposit box is a 3×3 tower that is 3 high (standalone) or 1×1 shaft which is 3 deep (inside a building that is publicly accessible)
  • Every “town” must have an official post code, with their own boundaries.

– Moo



  1. I love this idea! Nice work!
    A questions I would like to ask though.
    -How are you planning on managing this along with your other numerous duties? Will the management role of this service be passed on to another staff member when one reaches an apropriate level/qualified standard?
    -I am not clear on the purpose of a deposit box. Is this meant to be a post box? If so, having one for each house is cumbersome. A 3x3x3 box is very large for some of the smaller appropriate sized houses in Dovahkiin. Is a box for each postcode a more appropiate idea. Or even just a single box that can serve a few areas at once.
    -Additionally, I think your second Island post-codes need reworking. There is a blank area at the bottom of the Island, and the pink 2003 area seems pointless.

  2. Brill idea. I do think that there should just be one post office on the main island. From there, there is a donation chest which Officers can get into. From there, all officers can take the main and put it into members mailbox. However, great idea!

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