Website Plans

This post outlines the new release schedule for the website, as well as new categories and changes made to the user interface! We’re also allowing you to have your own pages on the website!

Ok, to keep up the quality of the website, I think we need to start putting up an upload schedule of sorts!

So, this is the new schedule that we’re creating! (all days based on GMT+10)

  • Monday: The weekly update is posted, outlining all the news that happens in the week between posts!
  • Tuesday: Change log for website is posted
  • Wednesday – Saturday: Clear days! Any random post may be posted
  • Sunday: All bio’s or pages are due to launch are put up on this day.

This schedule is a work in progress and is bound  to be changed. Make sure you’re up to date by checking this post every once in a while!

In other news, we’ve posted a page that allows you to create your own biographies or shop pages! Just visit here! We’ll talk to you in game if any issues happen, otherwise, it will be posted within a week!

Also, we’re putting up a nice Mooazon sale! 20% off for the next week using offer code Expired



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