Dovahkiin Weekly Update: Week… 2?

After inactivity of the website, I am restarting the weekly updates… hopefully keeping them weekly, too.

Completed Tasks:

Moomius – Dovahkiin Harbour Gate overhaul completed.
Moomius – Made 50r and donated to faction
Moomius – General touches on Ossien and palace.
Moomius & Merc_07 – Started Christmas Event planning (firework manufacturing started)

Tasks to be completed:
– Completion of overall look of Member’s Training Room
– Make use of space at old f home/portal hub*
– Become more active

Thank you for reading our weekly update. If any officer feels as though they have completed something, please feel free to edit the post.

*I guess I’ll quickly go ahead and talk about the old f home. Considering as it’s no longer f home, we don’t really have a use for it, but we have a use for the land that is claimed. Currently, it is being used as a portal hub, which seems great for now, but considering the massive amount of land actually claimed and not being used, I think it’s a problem.

Thus, I think as a faction we should decide what we should do with the land. I feel as though the use of the little shade area outside thing with the chests in the middle of it is redundant and better use of the land could be made.

Some suggestions I could think of right now off the top of my head are more farms, more storage or even a relocation idea of the member’s training room?


One comment

  1. Awesome i love this!
    Nice work on all the tasks you’ve done! You should also add Merc’s donation of 380r to the faction. 😀
    With the old f home chamber, I was planning on making it an offiers city. Were we can make our homes and such, and have access to specialised utilities!
    Also, we have to finish that second island asap, and recruit and settle people on it! 😀

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