Design Language and Maturity of our Faction


As most — well, all — of our members know, we, and our new city, have embraced a new type of look altogether. I personally call this “Desert Paradise,” but as it matures as a design language we make adoptions to it which make it better than it originally was. I guess it’s an evolution of sorts.

With the faction nearing the all important and highly anticipated rebirth, I think it’s important that we get everything seamlessly running together, which at first glance, seemed pretty easy.

(I’d like to clarify at this point, I have started working, but have not completed the various upcoming improvements.)

I saw one big fat problem sitting there. Our buildings look and feel outdated. And I’m talking about the older ones, of course. I took a prime example: the members training room. Established in 2012-2013, our dark room was pulled off as a mining project. As it was completed, a safe haven was built; Somewhere to teleport into safely.

But as the faction started to value higher MCMMO skills, extra utilities were strapped to the already existing building in question. An inconsistent wood and red carpet look was adopted, with a closed and busy overall layout.

Following little maintenance, chests became full of sugar cane, and everything just started falling apart. Starting today, however, this is not the case. After overhauling the junk chest system, construction has started on a new, better layout and look of the training room. This creates unity between both our main city and our vital buildings.

Desert Paradise as a design language demonstrates to us the time passing of our older values, and the evolution of our sophisticated look and unity throughout our faction. To me, it highlights our attitude towards the details of not only structures, but our care towards a more serious faction leading through a new age.


One comment

  1. I like your thoughts.
    The new design is good, elegant looking. I think we should adopt it across all public faction builds.
    Also, nice job with all the work you’ve done! I am super impressed and it’s all looking great!

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