My thoughts on our past and future.


Disclaimer: This is my own personal view on this subject and does not represent the overall view of the Faction as a whole nor does it represent the views of any other officer or Strider. I’d also like to say I’m not picking on anyone in particular but I may borrow words. I assume that these decisions were made as a whole faction and not singularly. I want to write this to express my view points of our future.

I was reading through some older posts on the website today and saw the emphasis was on training and MCMMO skills. But I found this counter intuitive. Why would we only recruit people who were specifically better at one thing than another. To quote Albert Einstein,

Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid

And this is what I think about our past plans for exclusive recruitment of people with higher skill points. Personally, when I joined Dovahkiin, I hadn’t really invested any time into the server and yet I loved the faction, fought for it and stayed loyal, with a lower score of 100 skill points in unarmed! SHOCKER!

I personally think I shine more in the redstone and building fields, as well as management of members, and our websites than fighting.

Now, on to the elephant in the room, our engagement with players at this very moment. Currently we don’t have that many engaged members. Our websites are basically deserted and there’s no business as a whole with the faction. I’d like to first take an example when Dovahkiin was a massive faction.

When we had around 100 members, the faction was expanding rapidly, but we had lots of griefs. This was partly due to the fact of a less strict recruitment procedure, but, because of this I was let into the faction. I personally think my engagement in the faction at the start was due to my ability to change the faction for the better, and having a shop of my very own, MegaMart.

I wanted to join a guild, so I worked through it. And I got in. This is the level of engagement that we need in modern Dovahkiin.

I felt as though I was overwhelmed when I first joined Dovahkiin, and with the lack of a tour or any real guidance, I think I found myself exploring to find new builds, and yet I still saw the possibility of me actually changing something, and making something for the better. We need to provide members with something for them to aspire to.

Of course, now to our future. With Strider finishing school later this year, I think we’ll see a boost in member engagement and overall increase in our faction’s presence. But for now, I really think we’re fine as it. We need to focus on building an infrastructure before we really focus on recruitment.

I thought I’d just put that out there on what we really need to focus on, and my opinions on the situation at the moment. Of course, I am using examples of my own, but we need to get players hooked before we show them the grind-y ladder of authority. We need to let the player build their own house, and sell their items

Give them something to aspire to.

Aspire not to have more, but to be more.

And that’s what I feel what we are. We don’t an empire, but we are, as people, interesting, powerful and awesome people who alone make this faction worth staying in forever, yet alone our future members.

Well, that wraps my extremely long post, thanks for looking 🙂

Please, please, please note that I love Dovahkiin and nothing could ever make me leave, I just wanted to write this to, again, express my feelings about our current situation relating to me. Thanks 😀



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