Updates: Week 1

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be listing all things PLANNED and COMPLETED within the faction. Let’s get this show on the road:

-Xma’s back.

  • Message board – Completed – A message board view able through item frames around the faction. They automatically update when one map is updated and anyone can write a post with an officer’s permission
  • Dirt Roof/The Cube Dirt Roof – Completed – Dirt roof on top of the cube was completed this week and will serve as the top tier of the ranking system Nihi is setting up.
  • Strider’s Egg Farm/Egg Collection & Storage – Completed – A massive chicken farm and an automatic chest delivery system to store the eggs.

Things to be completed:

  • Blue wool roof at Cube – We need to fill the layer 2 blocks below the dirt roof with dark blue wool, which is obtainable by shearing sheep that we have in our possession.

[Start Blue Wool Dependencies]

  • Artificial daylight cycle for second tier. Moomius will complete, however, the wool must be completed before this goes ahead.
  • Removal of scaffold – Removal of scaffold that was used to place the wool.

[End Blue Wool Dependencies]

  • Web administration – Improving our web-based presence, which includes WIKI, FORUM and WEBSITE administration

Thank you for reading the first weekly update. Any other updates will be posted on the forum


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