Listen Up!

Dovahkiin is in a stage where members are becoming inactive due to the lack of support from its higher authority. To amend this matter, I have planned a few helpful lists which will help us to become active again.

Griefing – People do not know what this word means. Dovahkiin has only come this far with loyalty from its members. To make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them, please read the below:

Griefing is punishable and ban-able. We see griefing as – NOT replanting farming goods. This also counts if you jump on soil and turn it back into Dirt. If you do this, please get a hoe and fix it, or if you don’t have one mail an officer for them to fix it. Breaking into another members house is seen as a punishable offence. If you need to get into someone’s house, ask them! DO NOT build or place ANYTHING in the darkroom! The darkroom has taken a lot of time to make, so do not build ANYTHING in there. DO NOT build cobblestone boxes/dirt boxes! If you don’t think you can build in a medieval style, there are many of our members who are willing to help! Feel free to ask them!

Loyalty – Loyalty is the main reason that Dovahkiin still exists. Without it, we would not be here. We DO respect that people wish to move on, but we ask that you consider the following:

If you leave, make sure that ALL or your chests, doors, furnaces, gates and trap-door and clear of any DEADBOLT signs. The main thing that makes life hard is when you leave and leave the doors locked. This can take weeks to sort out, so please don’t do it. FEEDBACK is welcome! If you leave the faction, we’d love to know why! Another thing to keep in mind is that if you do leave, please MAIL an OFFICER to let us know you left. Factions are hard to manage so by doing this you save time and effort.

Houses – We request that you ask before building your house as we may have free houses for you. If you are unsure of how you can claim your house, feel free to ask or mail us in-game.

One comment

  1. I agree with all Operationguard has said here.
    Loyalty is very important, though you are free to leave though please leave with dignity and also remove all your private signs.
    Thanks Operation for reminding us all of these important aspects of Dovahkiin.

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