Dovahkiin Monthly Officer Meetings

Hello everybody

With Dovahkiin coming back into action I feel as if a good way to progress the faction is to hold monthly officer meetings to help organise and debrief on faction events.

this could include information on allies/enemies, recruitment, housing, defence, faction supplies etc

however doing so will require people to be on line so if officers could post on there best available times (probably on a weekend to avoid work/school complications) in the comments or contact me in game.

in feedback is greatly welcome!



  1. I think this is a great idea! We can use TS/Skype/Raid call. We would do it at weekends, obviously, but due to striders time zone, I think it should be like a sunday at about 10am GMT
    (Making it about 9-11PM strider time)

    1. ^^ Wow there you go Op the champ has it all sorted! Thank goodness I don’t have to go an figure out all the crazy timezone clocks and stuff myself! Thanks Op!
      And I guess right now the only officers we need to concern ourselves with are Blacksheep65, Operationguard, Batmanfive, myself, and most likely ebjd and blacksheep304. No one else active is there?

      1. That time is good for me so now all it leaves is a date, I sent an in game mail to every officer, apart from batman who isn’t in Dovahkiin atm, telling them to check out this page on the website. And ebjd says that time is ok for him

      2. Batmanfive is swapping between Dovahkiin and a Role play faction, which is fine, but we will need to check with him too :/

    1. Yea…
      Well it’s two weeks untill holidays for me! Then I will return to do some work in Dovahkiin.
      I won’t really be able to build the faction or such, that is up to the officers at the moment.
      Though I want to try and consolidate the faction and make it more robust in relation to enduring over time. Meaning the faction will last and stay present even when members go inactive or major server events happen.

      1. Strider I am too very busy, but have been making minor changes here and there to the faction. we are below the 1/3 power level rule also 😦

        I have plans for another city 🙂

      2. Perhaps a new city is what we need..
        Something to give us a new job and a new goal.
        Our current city doesnt feel very Dovahkiin. We didn’t build it, and it’s too precious to have noobs running through…
        Hmmm, but daym it cost me thousands of silver..
        We must discuss this. We also need batman to talk with us about the future of Dovahkiin. He is Dovahkiins General and oldest member. 😉
        So us three, and hopefully we can get in touch with blacksheep, and the others. Who ever is still active.

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