New Ranking System?

Hello everyone

It has been some time since our last post, but rest assured, Dovahkiin is returning, more powerful than ever!

With this return, we wanted to create a simple to understand ranking system that everyone can be identified with without prior knowledge. Below is a rough idea of how it will be like.

King – There will only ever be 1 king. King Strider is Dovahkiins founder and great King.

Duke – Duke’s are very high up in the ranking order. Dukes work along side the King to maintain the faction and keep everyone happy within it. They have commanding rights over all lower ranks. This rank is not handed out randomly, and only the King is able to appoint this rank. 

Lord  Lord is a person who has officer powers, and answers to its superiors. The role of Lord requires you to be active, and to keep the faction and its members up to date with news. Lord’s must answer to the King, but is able to keep Peasants under control. The lord’s must also help Dovahkiins global situation with allies/enemies. 

Noble – Noble MUST be willing to spend most of there time in the faction. They must answer to all higher ranks, and must keep the Dovahkiin rules enforced. This rank is handed out to people who are seen doing good for Dovahkiin, and people who have been in the faction and been loyal to its cause.

Earl – Earl’s are members who have shown outstanding skill in 1 or more subjects. This is handed out to people who have shown courage, leadership skill and outstanding bravery.

Knight – Knights are faction members who are part of the Dovahkiin Army. To gain this rank, you must have completed basic training, and fought in 2 or more Dovahkiin battles. 

DovahKul – A faction member, who is fully welcomed into the Dovahkiin family. They do not have any specific powers, but are free to roam and use all of Dovahkiins facilities.

Peasant – Newly recruited members will have this title. This means that they must train and will acknowledge the Dovahkiin rules. This rank is also for people who may have abused there role. 


Any feedback is greatly welcome! 

We are the Mighty Dovahkiin…



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