New City in New Ceardia?

A new land has been discovered (new map released), a human land. The Regalian Government has named it New Ceardia, very creative.
New lands always present many opportunities, there are fresh claims to be made, there is beautiful untouched terrain and plenty of space! So should Dovahkiin start any development there? Do we have reason to or does anyone have any ideas or desires to govern a town there? Anything is possible!

Another News Article in relation to the new world:
Strangely enough since New Ceardia was discovered there has been a HUGE increase in the number of mining and excavation grandmasters in the world. Analysts have attributed this strange occurrence to the fact that there is not a single inch of flat land in the entire world of New Ceardia where people can build! Hence people have been slaving away mining or excavating to create flat land to build on. Great! =D I’ve been missing my daily dose of mining, haven’t you? Who could ever get sick of levelling terrain?

Ha ha there is some flat land in New Ceardia, I just found it funny that sooooo much of it was very steep hills or mountains. Isn’t the point of minecraft building, and there isn’t much space to do that. I think it’s massivecraft’s tactic to get people to play on the server more, give them more terrain levelling work to do. At least we wont have people should out “I’m bored” in global…
No, the map is very cool though, some spectacular landscapes great work to the mc team.

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