Goodbye Ceardia

Mrs.Baver at work

Mrs.Baver at work

This is the end of Ceardia. Dovahkiin City, though good and bad has survived since Ceardia was discovered. Its vast selection of buildings; houses, churches, shops…. Gone.

News: Today at approximately 6:17am, King strider was seen leaving his usual walking route. A Dovahkiin officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, followed him to see what he was up to. After 30 minutes of following him though rugged terrain, he stood at a small bank with shelter from trees. Down in the valley, he saw King strider summoning something… unsure what it was, the officer kept his distance…

After a minute of strider performing this ritual, a portal appeared. This portal looked different from the usual ones, not as attractive. Emerald changed to iron, stone-brick to cobblestone. At this point the officer thought it was time to leave, but as he turned to leave, a booming sound flooded his ears. Within an instant, everything stood still, no sound, no portal… no strider.

It is unknown where our King went to, but later that day, at around 7:48am, Strider was seen walking though Winterhold. When questioned, he simply replied “I was saying a final goodbye. I wanted to be alone.”

Ceardia has been deleted. We hope everyone holds on the there memories. There have been some ups and downs, but we have all pushed though and now we stand stronger than ever before. FOR DOVAHKIIN!



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