Archery Grandmaster & Other Skill News

Wolfoftao has proudly claimed the first Grandmaster title for a PVP skill!
Wolfoftao achieved level 1000 in the Archery skill, he has been training hard and the results are well worth it. This hard work and determination displayed by Wolfoftao should be inspiration for all PVP Grandmaster aspirants, it is what is required to achieve Grandmastery. With level 1000 Archery Wolfoftao is a formidable opponent in battle, anyone seeking tips or training in this skill should seek out Wolfoftao, I’m sure he has plenty of knowledge to offer! Though Wolfoftao is not stopping there, he is still hard at work training his other skills, his swords is at level 523, axes at level 600, and unarmed at level 601. Very impressive work, be sure to congratulate Wolfoftao when you see him!





In other news:

King Strider6106 achieves his second Grandmaster title in Repair!
Through repairing his broken training armour and weapons he has slowly progressed to level 1000 and has finaly reached Grandmastery!




Many members are also progressing well in their PVP skills! Here is a list of those who are working hard and achieving good results:
Blacksheep65 with level 302  unarmed.
Operationguard with level 386 axes.
Riley9881 with level 417 unarmed.
Epicgamer553 with level 564 axes.
Puats with 276 axes.
Jawnson with 322 axes and 217 swords, good work!
_Wheatley_ with 369 axes and 227 unarmed, nice!
There are also a few others who are getting close to an impressive level, keep working at it everyone!


    1. When you kill mobs there is a chance of them giving money, that’s all that is. As for mods I use Armor HUD, Status effect HUD, Tabby Chat, Macros/Keybind mod, More Player Models, Optifine and Rei’s Minimap though I disabled it in this picture so people wouldn’t get our darkroom coords.

      1. Wolf…. You are a legend. I am so lucky to be in a faction with you 🙂

      2. Thank you for the kind words but I’m no more a legend than the occasional passerby.

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