Gandalf_the_Gr8 promoted to ‘Head Guard’, and other news

Head Guard Promotion
Gandalf_The_Gr8 is a relatively member to Dovahkiin and in a short space of time has improved and achieved lots. I must first point out a few qualities in Gandalf that I noticed and value very highly: when Gandalf asked about the role I told him the requirements, he did not question them or try and find a way around them, he just got straight to work and in less than 2 days he met the requirements. Gandalf was respectful, efficient, obedient and honest and these qualities are what have set him aside from other members at his level in Dovahkiin.

It is now my pleasure to promote Gandalf_The_Gr8 to the position of Head_Guard in Dovahkiin!
His position entitles him to the in-game title of “Head_Guard”; the raiment of the “Head_Guard”(Armour Set); entitlement to a grant of up to 100 silver per-project for funding needed for the ‘Guards’ department; command of the NorthWest Tower and it’s adjoining building; a ‘Guards Command Center’ will also be constructed in Winterhold and Gandalf will take command of the Center.

Anyone who wishes to join the ‘Dovahkiin Guard’ please contact Gandalf, he will be looking for good recruits to aid in the protection of Dovahkiin.

Gandalf is a perfect example of what all Dovahkiin members should strive to act like, the values that he displayed are highly valued and will benefit him greatly in Dovahkiin and in the world of Aloria. Gandalf is not the only one to possess such qualities, there are many other members of Dovahkiin who display the same qualities and these members are highly respected and should be seen as role models for newer members of the faction.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Return of Epicgamer553 Epicgamer553 is an old member of Dovahkiin and he went on a long journey though Aloria a while ago training his skills, he has now returned and is continuing training and has hopes to raise an elite fighting force in Dovahkiin. If you think you have what it takes to fight along side Epicgamer please contact him. Members if his Elite Fighting Force will be given residency in the new Fort being constructed outside Winterhold, the Fort is a very high quality Facility and has a great location.
Batman needs Vampire Hunters! If you are a skilled vampire hunter please contact Batmanfive, he is in need of warriors to help him in his efforts against the Vampires. Volunteers will be given a room in the Barracks!
Try not to die… Currently Dovahkiin does not have enough power to claim land, check ” /f p ” to see how much power you have. Try to get your power up as much as possible so we can claim our new cities.
Return of OperationGuard… This will be announced later.



  1. To be honest, when Gandalf first joined I wasn’t sure if he would stay for more than a day. Glad to see I was wrong, he deserves the position. I’ve seen him training in the darkrooms and, at times, stopped training myself to let him have more mobs to train on. As for the groups I wouldn’t mind being in either but have my own tasks to attend to.

    1. And there is a man showing even greater qualities, generosity and putting others before himself, a true officer of Dovahkiin setting an example for all. Good work Wolfoftao. And yes, sometimes appearances can be deceiving, that is why I believe that all the members of Dovahkiin can be great in their own way, they just need to put in the effort to get there. 🙂

      1. I have to be honest, I saw Gandalf and thought, hmmmmm
        I wasnt to sure about him as he was very quiet in faction chat. I am glad you posted this as now I can see that he is a nice person. Also, great job on getting head guard! All you need now is to get “operation” added to that title and you will have the greatest title ever 😉

  2. This “operationguard” person sounds nice. Cant wait to here his story 😉

    Also its operationguard now OperationGuard 😛

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