Sword of Light?

I may or may not have found the sword of light. I’m not sure really. It’s under the keep in Silveredge and you can view it in the bush at the cords in the top left. Thought I’d share it here first.sword of light


  1. Holy Moly…. Nice find!! Thats crazy, is there anyway to get to it?
    And is there anyway we can use this to our advantage before putting it on the forums or something?

    1. Currently I see no way it could benefit us as there is no visible way to get to it. I’d imagine it would be dug up when enough people found it which would mean telling others.

  2. Some people know, I was looking at it when a group of 3 walked past and asked what is it?

    I said nothing and went away

    they looked :/ Damn

    1. Good call walking away without saying anything. It doesn’t matter if they know where it is if they don’t know what it is, not that anyone smaller than a giant could use it.

  3. I still think we should keep it to our selves, ultimate power and what not is something you throw around lightly.

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