WAR ON VAMPIRES :General Marek’s Announcement

Outside the Winterhold barracks, a clambering crowd is waiting noisily. The snowstorm has already formed a white blanket around them, and is showing no signs of slowing. Despite this, the growing crowd seem undeterred. All of a sudden, the doors of the barracks swing open, and a great hush falls upon the crowd. Stood in front of them is a blond man; he is wearing a thin blue waistcoat and has a glowing sword swinging at his belt. The man seems unfazed by the extreme weather conditions that he is surrounded by and instead looks directly and confidently at the gathering. This man is General Marek Dredros, leader of Dovahkiin’s army and an experienced Vampire slayer. He clears his throat and begins to speak…

“Citizens of Winterhold! It has come to our attention that the waves of demonic activity in Regalia and across the other continents of Aloria are likely to have been endorsed and encouraged by the unearthly scum known as Vampires. It is important to understand that these beings are responsible for mass deaths throughout our lands. They split apart our families and feed on our children. They must be stopped. It is for those reasons, and for many others too horrendous to mention, that the mighty people of Dovahkiin have chosen to act! We, at the request of our mighty King Strider, hereby declare Vampires to be outlawed in all our towns and cities! Any Vampires caught on our property will be arrested and given a simple choice: Cure or Kill. I will personally lead this movement, and any true citizen who wishes to aid us can contact one of my representatives. It is vital to note that this is not a declaration of war against any faction or empire, and that we are simply outlawing Vampires in our territory. I thank you all for your support in these troubling times for this world, and would implore you to inform the fine soldiers of our army of any Vampires that you may be aware of!”

The General gives a brief bow, then pivots on one foot and strides back into the barracks. Great applause is given for this new movement and as the crowd disperse, the great steel doors of the Winterhold Barracks swing shut, sealing the great building from the harsh mountain winds…


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