Demon Shrine in Regalia! -RP

Demons! Oh the demons!! An underworld has spawned in the depths of Regalia and the evil spreads deep and far!!!
Whilst exploring the underground sewer community in Regalia Blacksheep came across an odd mineshaft leading deep into the rock. There was nothing odd about how it looked, though still he could sense something was wrong. His stomach felt queasy as looked down the shaft, yet still he was compelled to explore.
Though he would not dare, not by him self, there was something powerful and dangerous down that mineshaft, he could feel it…
So he ran to the local Tavern in the undercity, he knew Wolfoftao would be there at this time, enjoying a drink at the bar. Wolfoftao was a strong and fierce warrior, just the person Sheep wanted by his side when he ventured down the mineshaft.
Sheep found him there and explained what he wanted to do.
“You can feel it too?” said Wolfoftao with a grim tone to his voice. “I knew something wasn’t right here, I could never guess what though, perhaps you have found what is causing this dark presence…”
Upon making their way back to the mineshaft they encountered a speechless strider ogling at the underground city, “I had no idea this was here” he remarked, “This is astonishing, though there is a foreboding sense about this place…”
“Your right, we can feel it too. Something is not right here and Sheep thinks he has found the source of it. Want to come along? We might need an extra sword.” said Wolfoftao.
“Hmm this isn’t good, lead the way.” Replied Strider.
Together they ventured down the mineshaft until they reached what appeared to be a glowing purple barrier, this was it… They stepped through the magical wall and all gasped in unison…

“This is it!!!!! We were right!! There is a foul power at work here, far greater than we can combat!! We should leave now and bring this news to the Regalian Oligarchs!!” Shouted Blacksheep.
He turned to run … and froze, as he laid eyes on a horde of demons behind them.
“Too late…” He mumbled.
More demons emerged from the portals in the walls, together the three of them drew their swords and stood back to back.
“We can not slay them all, we must make our way to the exit and get back to the undercity. Quickly!!!” Commanded Wolfoftao, his battle instinct kicking in.
The demons rushed at them…
Strider swung his axe left and right cleaving demons with his strength and skill.
Similarly Wolfoftao and Blacksheep did the same. Demon bodies began to litter the floor around them as they slowly made their way to the exit.

The reached the exit, turned and bolted for the undercity leaving the Demons moaning and screeching behind them.
“One cut me deep with its claws Strider, we need to get help quickly.” exclaimed Blacksheep.
“We can go to the local Tavern, the owner there will have healing apparatus.” said Wolfoftao.
“Alright, lets go quick. Sheep, let us carry you, if you move any more you will bleed out. Wolf, give me a hand.” Ordered Strider.
Together Wolfoftao and Strider carried Sheep to the Tavern where he was treated.
“It’s a bit of a rough job but it will do until you can get to a full healing apothecary up top.” said the Tavern owner. They thanked him and departed.
They were lucky to make it out alive, though they will have to return with help soon enough to rid Regalia of the dark evil. Be careful, for there is evil about.


  1. I believe it would be wise to not go back there, at least not without proper training and another trained person. If anyone would like to go there I’ll escort you though should we encounter trouble I see unfit to fight then run, with or without me as I may be able to distract them and still get away with my life.

    1. Wise words. Though if you must see it for your self, taking someone who knows the route is also wise, getting lost down there would be a terrible accident. The demons wouldn’t be the only thing that would get to you…

      1. True. Perhaps I’ll take Wheatley and Puats with me and search the area. Knowing the tunnels and what’s in them would be the smartest thing to do to avoid anymore ‘surprises’. As long as we’re careful the three of us should be able to handle most anything that crawls out of the shadows. Wheatley has some basic knowledge of demons, though I say that loosely, and bringing an orc like Puats as extra muscle never hurt anyone.

      2. Hahaha. I’ve been there myself many times. Once joined Heretics organisation to spy on her, you know… You know just the vampire slaying General to ask if you ever need any help.

      3. I think this discovery calls for Dovahkiin to take action. It seems vampires are also working with this strange evil power, this is something we can combat.
        I propose that Dovahkiin declare a state of war with Vampires, not with other Empires and their Vampires(that is their problem), but against any Vampires hiding in Dovahkiin or any we catch lurking in the undercity.
        Dovahkiin must stay pure! and the evil must be purged!!!!
        General Marek, if you can I will have you write up this proposal and announcement to the people of Dovahkiin. I would also like to appoint you as a major leader in this movement. It is time for your vengeance against Vampires to be embraced, it is your time to take action and lead the fight!!

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