Ceardia Past!

Ceardia, the home of Dovahkiin for many ages is not a barren land devoid of life and resources. It holds many memories and grand constructions and ruins though we must move on and progress through the ages.
The land Ceardia will be written into the History books of Dovahkiin, but now we are cutting off transport back to the land. Say your final farewells and pack up. We move to the new lands, to find new glory and riches. Perhaps in a new land we will have a better start at returning to our former glory, the quest upon which we never waver. Dovahkiins traditions may change, the way we think, do, see, and act may change, but we will still seek that honourable glory and good moral values.
Together we move into the new lands, let us accept the challenges and see what we can make of them!
Dovahkiin Shall Conquer!!!!!!!!!


  1. Regardless of how we change I will continue to fight for Dovahkiin and be a soldier it can be proud of. Regardless of what happens, on the battlefield it will always be us versus them, life or death. “Good and evil, light and dark, they are but a matter of perspective. The only thing that is important is who is standing beside you, and who across.” -wolfoftao. I will always defend my family with the ferocity that could crumble mountains. “We are the Mighty Dovahkiin, The Dragon-Born, We shall Conquer!” and I shall be one of the blades in which we do so. We’ve been through too much to let anything topple us now and I’ll see that it stays that way with each breath I take.

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