Dovahkiin Champion

Update: (3/12/14) This is an irrelevant post at this moment. This role does not exist and probably will never!

Dovahkiin needs a Champion! Dovahkiin needs a hero that embodies all Dovahkiin stands for! Are you the Dovahkiin Champion?

How does that sound to you? Would you like to see a member of Dovahkiin titled the Dovahkiin Champion? What qualities, skills, requirements would the Dovahkiin Champion need to have?

How would they be recognised? I suggest a coloured title. 🙂
What benefits would they get and what duties would they be required to do?
Where would they rank? Also, should we have a set ranking system in Dovahkiin that is more diverse than “Member” and “Officer”?

Here is a photo of Dovahkiin back in its glory days!


  1. As it stands currently, there are not enough of us that use the website to adequately vote on here.The vote would also go to one of us officers seeing as we are some of the most of the active in the faction and website though we may not be as deserving. Should we get more to use the website as well as get more members that are recognized by the others in our faction it would then be a fair and I believe successful vote. To conclude, this shouldn’t be scrapped more then it should be postponed.

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